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How to complete the online application form

The on-line application form is a straight forward way to complete your job application. You don't have to complete it in one go as you will be given an ID number and PIN so you can go back to it and change it as many times as you need to before submitting it to us. We can email you reminders to let you know when the closing date is near. The form is divided into eight sections:

You do not have to complete the form in a particular order. To move between sections use the "previous" and "next" buttons at the bottom of each section or click the section tabs on the left of the form.  Any information you enter will automatically be saved whenever you leave a particular page. Once you have completed each section you can review and print it before finally submitting it to us. To start your application, select the "apply for this job online" button that you will find at the bottom of each job advert.

Equal opportunities monitoring information

We should be grateful if you would complete the information requested so that we can monitor equality and inclusion data to ensure that we are treating all candidates fairly and appropriately. This information will be treated as confidential and will not be forwarded to recruiting managers nor used as part of the selection process.

Personal details

A number of fields need to be completed and you will not be able move on until you have entered information required. You may have already provided much of the information needed by completing the equal opportunities monitoring page. If so, this information will have been brought forward into this section. To help us organise interviews, we may need to contact you so please let us know if we can contact you at work and if so, contact details. We will only contact you at work when necessary and will exercise the utmost discretion. Please let us know any dates that you are unavailable for interview if selected.


Use this section to give all relevant information about your education and qualifications gained, including evidence of them. Follow the instructions on the page to do this. You should complete a new row for each qualification but you don't need to include the education establishment each time if it is the same as in the previous row. To save details, use the update button after entering each row.

Membership of professional bodies and training

Use this section to include membership details of any professional bodies or relevant training courses that you have attended. To save details, use the update button after entering each row.

Present employment

You will need to provide the following information for your current position (where applicable) and for each previous employer you wish to tell us about:

Employment history

Use this section to let us know of any previous paid employment you have had. Please account for any gaps in employment (subject to provisions relating to disclosure under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974). You should complete a new row for each of your previous employers. This section also asks if you have previously worked for Fareham Borough Council.  If so, please list any details in the grid provided. To save details, use the update button after entering each row.

Relevant skills and experience

The information that you provide in this section helps us decide, in a fair and objective way, who will be invited for an interview. We will also use it as the basis of questions we ask at interview and for any tests we include.

You may wish to take time to complete this section off line. If this is the case and you decide to use a different word processing application (eg Word), you can copy and paste your text into the application form when you log back on. Simply return to this section and paste your work into the appropriate box. Please note that although bullet points, carriage returns etc can be pasted into the application form, formatting such as bold or italic is not supported.

References and supporting information

Please provide details of two referees who have given their permission for their names to be used.  One of them should be your current or most recent employer and your previous employer if you have been in your current employment for fewer than two years. Referees must not be friends, neighbours or relatives, but people who can comment on your conduct and behaviour at work and know you in a professional capacity (i.e. as your manager, supervisor or client). If you are a school/college leaver, or have not been in employment for some time, please provide two similar alternatives, such as a headteacher. Please provide an email address where available as we prefer to request references in this way to speed up confirmation of an employment offer. Please supply information about work permits and transportation. If appropriate, use the grids to complete details of any previous convictions. You should also use this section to declare any relationships (personal or business) that may impact on your employment with Fareham Borough Council.

Reviewing your application before submission

Before you submit your application, you can review it. To do this, use the "review application" button at the bottom of section 8. If you wish to change anything on the form, use the "return to application" button at the bottom of the page and you will be taken back into your application so that you can edit any section. This application form can be printed by using the print facility on your internet browser. If you wish to submit your application, use the "submit application" button at the bottom of the page.


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