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Press Release

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Help shape development in Fareham

Fareham Borough Council is asking for comments on a number of draft Supplementary Planning Documents, which help outline what the Council expects from development in the Borough, in a consultation running until 5pm on Wednesday 6 August.

What is a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)?

SPDs have been prepared by the Council to provide additional information and clarity on specific aspects of the Local Plan. They provide as much information and clarity as possible to prospective site developers and other interested parties, as to what the Council expects to be considered within planning applications for development.

We are consulting on the following draft SPDs:

  1. Planning Obligations & Affordable Housing (Excluding Welborne) SPD
  2. Welborne Planning Obligations & Affordable Housing SPD
  3. Welborne Design Guidance SPD

The Planning Obligations & Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) (excluding Welborne) sets out the Council's approach to securing planning obligations from new development to deliver infrastructure and improve specific aspects of development.  The SPD also provides detailed guidance on the Council's approach to making sure that enough affordable housing is built in Fareham (outside of Welborne).


The Welborne Planning Obligations & Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out Fareham Borough Council's approach to securing satisfactory development and essential infrastructure for Welborne, including the delivery of affordable housing.  It outlines the policy background to planning obligations and affordable housing, sets out Welborne's infrastructure requirements and the Council's approach to developer funding at Welborne.


The Welborne Design Guidance SPD explains and illustrates what the Council expects in the design of Welborne. The Guidance is intended to be used by the site promoters in the preparation of planning applications for Welborne.  The Design Guidance will also describes how the requirements of the policies in the Welborne Plan can be met and explains the different pieces of design work that will need to be provided with planning applications. The Council will use the Design Guidance together with the Welborne Plan and other relevant policies and guidance to help assess planning applications at Welborne.


Following the consultation the SPDs will be amended, where necessary, to take account of any relevant representations.  The Council will then seek to adopt the SPDs later this year.


Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Review


We would also like your comments on a 'First Review' of the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule for the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). This is the first part of the Council's review of its current CIL Charging Schedule, which came into effect on 1 May 2013.

CIL is a one-off financial fee that Councils are able to charge from new or extended buildings. The funds raised must be spent by the Council on infrastructure that helps support the development of Fareham. For example, funding could be used to help secure new school places or to pay for the improvement of local open space or sports pitches.

All comments received in response to this consultation will be fully considered before the next stage of the CIL review takes place. Your comments will help us decide on a Draft Charging Schedule later in 2014. Following this there will be another round of consultation. It will then be submitted to an independent CIL Examiner, before undergoing a public examination. Following the public examination, the intention is to adopt the new CIL charging schedule in spring 2015. In the meantime, the Council's current CIL charging schedule will remain in effect.


Executive Member for Planning and Development, Councillor Keith Evans said: "Both the Supplementary Planning Documents and the Community Infrastructure Levy will help shape development both in Welborne and the rest of the Borough.  I would urge anyone with an interest to take part and comment." 


The consultation on the draft SPDs and the "first review" of the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule for the Borough's CIL will last for six-weeks from the 25 June 2014 until 5pm on 6 August 2014. 

To view and comment on all three draft SPDs, their accompanying Pre-Consultation Statements and the CIL review documents, please visit the Council's website at



For further information contact:

Becca Bennett, PR and Marketing Support Assistant, Tel: 01329 824609

fax: 01329 550576, e-mail:

This and previous media releases can be viewed on the Council's website:


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