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The Constitution - Part One - Chapter 16 – Code of Conduct - Appendix 9 - Role of Chairman of Appeals Committee

Main role

A-9.1  To lead the Council's activities in relation to those functions covered by the Terms of Reference of the Committee.
A-9.2  To ensure that the Committee deals with its functions in a fair and proper manner having regard to the Council's policies, the relevant statutory provisions and the rules of natural justice.

Duties and responsibilities

A-9.3  To chair meetings of the Committee.
A-9.4  To ensure, in relation to each function of the Committee, that appropriate policies, rules, regulations and processes are adopted to enable the Committee to undertake its functions in a fair and even-handed manner, within the Council's approved policies.
A-9.5  To ensure that all members of, and officers serving, the Committee take full and proper account of the relevant legislative framework in setting any policies, rules, regulations and processes and in determining any appeals.
A-9.6  To liaise with the Chief Executive Officer, Monitoring Officer and Chief Finance Officer in connection with the adoption, implementation and review of the arrangements for dealing with appeals considered by the Committee or any Panel established by the Committee.
A-9.7  To ensure that appropriate mechanisms are put in place to measure the efficiency and quality of the arrangements for dealing with the functions of the Committee.
A-9.8  To ensure that the members of, and officers serving, the Committee comply with the rules relating to the declaration of interests.
A-9.9  To take the lead in setting the Committee's budgets, fees and charges and in putting effective budget monitoring procedures in place.
A-9.10  To ensure that appropriate training programmes and seminars are arranged to enhance members' knowledge and their ability to carry out the Committee's functions effectively.


Last Reviewed - March 2018



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