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Making a deputation to the Planning Committee

Fareham Borough Council has adopted a Deputation Scheme for the Planning Committee which allows members of the public and anyone who has submitted a planning application to speak at the meeting at which the planning application will be discussed. (A separate scheme operates for other Council meetings.)

The following explains how the scheme works and gives guidance to deputees.

Who Can Make a Deputation?

You are eligible to make a deputation to the committee if you live or work within the Borough, have submitted a planning application or are the applicant's agent. (If you have submitted a planning application or have made enquiries about one, you will be informed by the Planning Department if and when that application is to be discussed by the Planning Committee. You then have the option to make a deputation to the committee meeting.) Only one deputation per household per planning application will be accepted.

Making a Deputation

If you decide to make a deputation you can do so here:

Deputation Request - Planning

or by requesting a form from Democratic Services, Civic Offices, Fareham (Tel 01329 824594).

Your completed deputation request must be with the Democratic Services Department by noon two working days before the meeting. As the meetings are usually held on a Wednesday, your form should be returned by noon on the preceding Monday.

Supporting Material

If you have any materials to support your deputation i.e. written reports, letters, petitions, models etc. they must be submitted to Democratic Services by the deadline for deputations. The materials will then be made available to Members for inspection before the meeting. (These materials will not be passed to individual Councillors nor handed out at the Planning Meeting). No supporting information will be accepted after the deadline. You may hand out relevant photographic material or drawings at the meeting; no written information must be handed out at the meeting.

Preparing Your Deputation

In deciding a planning application, the Committee can only take certain criteria into account; therefore when you are preparing your deputation you should relate to those same matters:

Matters which can be taken into account

Contrary to structure or local plan; not in accordance with government policy; highway safety and traffic impact; inadequate parking; servicing or turning space provided; harmful to conservation area or listed building; overdevelopment or excessive development; overlooking or loss of privacy or other residential amenity; visually intrusive or overbearing; poor external design; appearance or layout; loss of fine trees seen from public spaces; likelihood of excessive or late night noise, dust and/or smell; conflict with Nature Conservation criteria for the area.

Matters which cannot be taken into account

Would devalue property or cause the loss of a private view; breach of covenant in a private contract; applicant does not own the land; boundary disputes; local opposition i.e. vandalism, over-population; matters covered by other legislation e.g. alcohol licensing; objections raised on moral, racial, or religious views; personal views about the applicant; already too many other similar uses.

Meeting Details

When your depuation request has been received by Democratic Services, you will receive a letter confirming receipt of your deputation request and advising you of the meeting venue and the time you should attend.

Time Limits

The following time limits apply to deputees for each planning application;

Please contact Democratic Services on 01329 824594 after the deadline for deputations has passed to receive confirmation of the length of time you will have to speak.

When more than 2 deputations are received on the same matter, you will be actively encouraged to contact other deputees and appoint a single spokesperson to present the deputation on behalf of all. (In submitting the deputation form you are giving permission for your contact details to be given to other deputees who have similar views on a planning application.)

Attending the Meeting

When you arrive at the meeting venue you will be directed to the waiting area where you are requested to remain until you are shown into the meeting. Although your zone will not begin before the time you have been given, previous sections of the meeting may have overrun therefore delaying the start of your zone. You will be kept as up-todate as possible regarding this.

When you enter the meeting room, you should take a seat on the left-hand side as near to the front as possible. On the chair you will find a list of deputees for the zone; from this you will be able to determine approximately when you will be speaking.

When the Chairman invites you to address the Committee, move forward to the chair he indicates and when given the go ahead begin your deputation. Please note that you will be addressing the Committee directly (this is not a question and answer forum) and you will be stopped at the end of your allotted time.

Through the Chairman, when appropriate, Members of the Planning Committee may ask deputees, applicants and agents to clarify aspects of proposals or comments they have made when applications are formally considered.

Seating Plan for Planning Committee PDF (88 KB)

After all deputations for a specific application have been heard, the Committee will make and announce their decision.

When the decision has been announced you may leave the meeting room or remain there for the rest of the zone or the rest of the meeting.

Further Information

Copies of the agenda and the reports to be considered by the Committee are published approximately 1 week before the meeting or are available to view at the Civic Offices, Fareham.

For more information on the Council's committees and meetings or contact Democratic Services on 01329 236100

If you wish to know more about a specific planning application, please contact the Planning Department on 01329 236100


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