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CAT Meeting Notes

When?  Tuesday 14 July

Where? Titchfield Community Centre

Who chaired the meeting? Councillor Seán Woodward

How many people attended? 75

Item 1: Police update - Sgt Mick Morgan

Sgt Nick Morgan, based at Park Gate Police Station, introduced himself and advised how the local police team work.

He spoke about budgetary cuts to police funding and how this has resulted in massive changes.  For example, in the past each area had a Target Patrol Team (TPT) Team and a neighbourhood team.  TPT teams dealing with hands on situations and the neighbourhood teams being more focused on preventative measures.

The TPT teams have now been amalgamated in what is known as 'borderless policing'.  So for example, where there are  5 or 6 cars in Fareham and say 10 cars in Portsmouth, these cars can now move from one area to another if and when required whereas in the past areas were very controlled. Essentially the idea is to make more use of limited resources.

The neighbourhood teams do not drive around randomly, they have a patrol plan which is built up over time and revolves around preventing crime.

Questions from residents

·    There was a motorcyclist killed in Peak Lane last month. I live in Catisfield and I can hear the motorbikes trying to beat the lights at Peak Lane.  Have there been any complaints?  Not in that particular area, there haven't. There have been complaints at Locks Road.  We can only address the anti-social behaviour as and when we hear about it.

·    Can the camera van be utilised more? It is positioned in places where there are high fatalities so Peak Lane is likely to be included in the future. If Speedwatch feedback information to the neighbourhood team then they can go out to that area with a speed gun.

·    I am part of the Speedwatch team, we feed you the data but we've seen little positive signs. For example on Posbrook Lane I don't see any results yet.  The statistics went into a system which resulted in letters being sent out to people. I had a meeting 8 weeks ago about this and I acknowledged that we are not doing enough.

·    Do you catch motorcyclists? As they go so fast.  It is policy in Hampshire not to chase motorbikes as it too dangerous and could cause them to crash.

·    I live on the Bellfield estate and at night I can hear the bikes on Posbrook Road. There is no camera.  Problem is we can't be there all day every day. It would be nice to have a speed camera but this is out of my remit unfortunately.  We have had the mobile van up there on occasions.

·    What about using willing volunteers?   The equipment is quite high tech. We only allow volunteering via Speed watch.

·    Need more volunteers. You can send an email to the chief constable. Don't get anywhere.  Our operations are based on complaints.   Email us. We have given out 80 - 90 tickets in the past few months mainly for speeding.  We are out with the gun twice a month.

·    I live between the Mill and the Holiday Inn. There have been 3 fatalities near the turn to Southampton Hill.  There used to be a camera by Titchfield Mill but for some reason it's been removed.  We need a pedestrian crossing by Southampton Hill as there is a primary school there and 1 child has been killed and another seriously injured.  Not aware of the fatalities myself. A recent survey monkey that we took showed the 3 things which were keys to residents were speeding, anti-social behaviour and criminal damage.  Speeding is a priority for us although not a Prime neighbourhood role. We do it because we know it means a lot to the community. But we can only do so much unless the system within Hampshire Constabulary changes.

·    I've recently moved into Hunts Pond Road and I cannot get out of my drive. The church and football ground all park one half of the road. Can you tell me what the speed limit is? If it's 30 I would like it reduced to 20mph and I would like a flashing sign. Lots of children walk down this road. It's worse since traffic calming was put in. Speed legislation is a Council matter. Lots of roads have been reduced around the district by the Council.

·    There was a 6 months temporary reduction in Peters Road to 20mph but then it was taken away. The reduction's need to be permanent.  I will feed back to my Inspector, can't say I will get my team out any more than I am already doing but I will speak to the Council tomorrow about this.

·    It will get worse if the Free Church get planning permission for the auditorium.  They park where the houses are for football not where the allotments are.  This is the Council's responsibility. I will speak with speed camera men and I will take your phone number so I can call you back re the outcome of my conversation about getting a speed camera.

·    I've lived here for 48 years and this problem keeps coming up. Part of it is our problem. I cover Speedwatch. The trouble is the Titchfield team is 16 and Warsash is 8-10.  The average age of the people is probably older than in this room. We must collect the evidence. Get your coat on and come out with us and do it. Nothing will happen unless we do it.  I've been agitating for West Street to have a 20mph limit but someone in Winchester keeps saying no. We need to get on their case.

Item 2: Leader's presentation

Council Leader, Cllr Seán Woodward, gave a presentation about what had happened in the Borough of Fareham last year, and what is coming up in the next twelve months.

View the slides for the presentation here. PDF (6 MB)

Questions from residents

·    I'm surprised you haven't mentioned the plans to deliver the care home near Cartwright drive.  This is supported strongly by the Titchfield Village Trust as a large amount of land is being given over to create a Country Park. It was given permission a few weeks ago by the Planning Committee.

·    I was told at the A27 exhibition that it was not a consultative exercise. Are they just paying lip service? I mentioned speed limit but they said this is not up for debate. What comments will be taken into account?  There have been lots of consultations over the last two years for road improvements in Fareham.  This one doesn't actually require planning permission so it is not statutory.  This is more of an informative exercise but things like speed limits are not set in stone so we may be able to look at this over time.  We don't have the monopoly on good ideas. There have been good ideas from residents and changes made as a result.

·    In view of police cutbacks, will you be dragging the PCC into your office and asking about this when you are building all those new homes?  The police will soon be based in the Civic Offices.  Yes the PCC does come to the Civic Offices and I do impress on him the importance of proper policing in Fareham.

·    I feel sorry for the people at Funtley re Welborne.  Wish I lived there so I could join in the protest.  No one seems to care about the greenfields and the wildlife.  There are lots more 85 + year olds living in Fareham.  There are now  three generations of people looking for housing.  We have used brownfield sites in the past. But now we have a choice of 1 big community with infrastructure or do we fill in 21 gaps with no infrastructure. There are always choices but we do need housing. I had an agreeable meeting with Funtley residents a few days ago and they are engaging in seeing what we can get out of the developers to help the area.

·    Will the conservation land at the Abbey be forever protected?  Yes it's going to be a country park and the developers are providing the money to pay for it.

·    I haven't seen the Bellfield play area included on the Council's improvement list.   Have a word with your local Councillors and I'm sure they can help you up at Bellfield.

·    I'm affected by the new road - Newgate Lane South. Its missing the football field but it's coming closer to my house. It's going through wildlife and it's only 12m from the last house because of the football pitches. I have heard that Pegasus have put a planning application in to you know anything about this? No. Newgate Lane South is not going in to encourage development. You're right that Woodcote Lane is as close as you can get.  There will be a 6 week consultation about this so I encourage you to look at the plans. They will be available to view in Fareham.  I would encourage you to look at the mitigation for the lady in the last house. It needs to be seen to be believed.  Re the wildlife, it's taken 2 years to get to this stage because the plans are full of environmental impact issues which had to be resolved before it could be submitted including 2-year studies of wildlife matters.  The benefits to the existing residents of Newgate Lane will be significant too in terms of traffic reduction. For Woodcote Lane residents it will add 2 miles to their journey to get to the local surgery due to the closure of the end of the road.   Yes I'm aware. Please comment on the planning application.

·    After the Peak Lane accident there have been lots of flowers and toys left. What is the policy on how long these can remain?  We don't have a policy as it's a very sensitive issue. Unless of course it becomes a major hazard. Shrines can go on for a few years. It was a horrible accident.

·    When awarding road contracts is there an agreed timescale and is the contractor penalised for going over this? I'm thinking of the delay at Newgate Lane North.   Good question. No they won't be penalised, the utility plans are not always as good as they should be, it wasn't the contractor's fault in this case. Where it is their fault then they will be penalised.

·    On Southampton Hill, where there was previously a cleaning company, the original plans were for 4 flats but this has now gone up to 14.  It's a nightmare as cars whizz up and down here.   Please talk to your Councillor re the planning issue.

·    Are there any improvements for cyclists in the A27 plans? I live in Hedge End and I cycle to Segensworth.  Yes there are. If you can hold on for a few minutes afterwards then the Hampshire County Council Officers can speak to you about them at the end.  There will a new cycleway provided this month of the A27 through Swanwick to Sarisbury Green.

·    The A27 plans show that the dual carriageway will be extended along either side of St Margarets roundabout between the Segensworth roundabout and the Titchfield gyratory. Why wasn't the remaining single carriage way made dual as well?  This has not been ruled out. We'll be looking at that section in the future but that would require planning consent whereas the rest of it doesn't.

·    Re the Welborne Plans...what kind of jobs do you expect? What industries are we going to attract?  High tech, aerospace, engineering etc. are well represented in Fareham.  They will be in the employment area of Welborne.  It will depend on the employers who take on those sites but there will be a whole range of opportunities.

·    Re M27 traffic, how will this be sorted out by Welborne?  New motorway Junction 10.  It won't solve it all but there will be real improvements. The other thing HCC is looking at is taking over the management of the motorway.  Currently managed by Highways England.  If they can take over the management then can do things like using the hard shoulder as an extra lane.

·    Mill Road and Beaconsfield Road they park on the double yellow lines. Why can't they use the car park given?  There are 2 flavours of double yellow lines. The ones with a notch on the curb mean no waiting at any time;  I expect it is not that sort of line.  It is legal to pause on the normal double yellow lines for loading and unloading.   Why can they not use all the parking space in the back? They leave their vehicles. I've been monitoring and I've written to the Council and I've had no acknowledgement.  Send your information to me and we will get the civil enforcement officers down there.

·    A27 & Newgate Lane are great road improvements but is anything going to happen to Tesco roundabout?   We took off as many buses as possible utilising the new bus gate and bus lane off Western Way. But A32 is one of those intractable issues which will not really be solved by anyone.  A bridge was suggested many years ago but that is not going to happen now.  The sheer volume of traffic exiting Gosport on a daily basis as there are not enough jobs on the Gosport peninsular.  We're doing everything we can to create jobs at Daedalus and if we can get MOD derelict land in Gosport to create employment opportunities we will.

·    How about a flyover going East?   It wouldn't make a great deal of difference, it would just move the traffic from trouble one spot to another so this is not going to be provided.

·    What is going to happen to the gyratory system? Any mitigation to rat run through Titchfield? Have there been any studies on what is going to happen here?  And what is going to happen in Stubbington? Yes, we are looking at specific mitigation for Stubbington. I'm sure we can look at Titchfield. If we can improve journey times we hope that people won't need to use these rat runs. We can show you the detail in the plans if you can stay behind after.



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