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Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership is a part-buy, part-rent scheme whereby you purchase a share in a property depending on what you can afford. The share you purchase may be paid for via a mortgage or a cash lump sum or combination of the two. You then pay a rent on the share of the property that you don't own (the higher percentage you own the smaller the rent and vice versa). The scheme is designed to help people onto the housing ladder with an option to purchase an increased share in the property in the future or buy it outright whenever you can afford to.

If you are interested in purchasing a Shared Ownership property, please follow this link to the Affordable Home Ownership Register. By completing this form we can learn more about the need for affordable home ownership in Fareham Borough and we can also let you know early on about opportunities for Fareham Housing Shared Ownership (if you indicate you'd like to hear about such information).

In addition to this you can also visit the GOV.UK shared ownership homes webpage External Hyperlink, as this will give you details of all organisations that offer shared ownership homes in the Fareham Borough Council area.

Shared Ownership Rent Example

Total value of the home £320,000
Your share (25% of the total) £80,000
Remaining share (75% of the total) £240,000
Rent for the first year (2.75% of remaining share) £6,600
Your monthly rent £550

Costs to consider

You'll need to plan for the purchase costs involved in buying a home. The costs to consider are below:

When you register interest in a home, the provider will give you a 'Summary of costs' document. This sets out the purchase costs, the monthly payments, and any future costs if you choose to buy more shares or sell the home.


Shared Ownership Homes in Fareham

Traditionally, Shared Ownership homes in Fareham have mainly been delivered by Registered Providers/Housing Associations but Fareham Housing have started delivering some Shared Ownership properties as part of their Housing Delivery Programme.


Please visit our Current Shared Ownership properties webpage for more information about any Fareham Borough Council shared ownership homes that are currently available.


Shared Ownership Schemes in Early Stages

Ophelia Court, Sarisbury Green

Fareham Housing will be delivering a further 9 Shared Ownership homes on the Former Scout Hut site in Montefiore Road, Sarisbury Green. Please visit our Ophelia Court webpage for more details.



Completed Shared Ownership Schemes

Capella Close

We have recently delivered 11 new shared ownership properties at Capella Close in Hill Head. These homes were a mix of one, two and three bedroom houses, located near to the seafront. We experienced a very high demand for the homes and they were all reserved in a short space of time.


Shared Ownership Policy

If you wish to read a bit more about the Council's approach to their shared ownership properties, please take a look at the document below:

Fareham Borough Council Shared Ownership Policy and Processes  [PDF]   PDF (217 KB)*


First Homes

First Homes is a new type of affordable home ownership.  First Homes is designed to help first time buyers who wish to get onto the property ladder, but are unable to afford a home at full market value.  A First Home must be offered at a minimum of 30% discount on the market price. 

Fareham falls under the transitional arrangements for the inclusion of First Homes in the Local Plan, due to the advanced stage of the emerging Local Plan. It is therefore not required to reflect the First Homes policy requirement, as per the Written Ministerial Statement of 24 May 2021.

Fareham Borough Council's Interim First Homes policy PDF (182 KB) sets out the council's approach to First Homes, including eligibility.

If you'd like to be kept informed about affordable home ownership opportunities in Fareham borough, you can complete our Expression of Interest form by following this link to our Affordable Home Ownership Register

If you would like any further information regarding Affordable Home Ownership, please email

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