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Tenancy types

Introductory Tenancy

The Introductory Tenancy Agreement PDF (119 KB)  is issued to tenants who are new to Social Housing or tenants who may have had a break from Social Housing.  An Introductory Tenancy lasts for one year (the trial period). Introductory tenants have fewer rights than secure tenants and can have their homes repossessed more easily if they breach tenancy conditions, however many of the condtions are the same as the Secure Tenancy Agreement  . PDF (333 KB). If there are no problems during the trial period then the tenancy automatically becomes secure on the anniversary date that the tenancy started.

Secure Tenancy

If the 12 month Introductory has been successfully completed and the tenant has complied with the terms and conditions then the tenancy becomes secure.  A tenant may transfer from another landlord on a secure tenancy if they already hold a secure tenancy or the equivalent with this landlord.

Secure Tenancy Agreement   PDF (333 KB)

Non-Secure Tenancy Agreement

Some tenants may be offered a Non-Secure Tenancy Agreement  PDF (244 KB) at a property as a temporary measure. Non-Secure tenants have less rights that an introductory tenants and this could be used in situations where another tenancy is already held by the tenant or investigation is taking place into the housing situation of a tenant.

If you would like anymore information on any of the above please contact the Tenancy Services Section on 01329 236100 or email

If you wish to see a particular officer we may ask that you book an appointment either by telephoning one of the above numbers or by calling in person to the reception on the ground floor of the Civic Offices.

Flexible Tenancy

New tenants housed in family sized Council accomodation (2 bed or larger) who do not currently hold a secure tenancy with their landlord will be granted a flexible tenancy for 5 years.

Details of the flexible tenancy can be found in the guide PDF (114 KB).


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