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Tenant & Leaseholder involvement

There are a number of opportunities available to tenants and leaseholders to have a say in the way their homes and estates are managed. You can become a member of the Tenants' and Leaseholders' Forum or you could provide regular feedback about standards of cleaning or grounds maintenance by becoming an estate monitor or block captain. You can also attend estate inspections with your Neighbourhood Officer. To find out more please click on the links below:

Latest Fareham Housing News

This special publication PDF (1 MB) gives an update on all the recent changes and developments within the various housing teams at Fareham Borough Council.

Annual report to tenants

The Annual Report is produced with the involvement of tenants. It outlines how our housing services have performed over the last year. It also sets out our plans to improve services and develop local standards in consultation with tenants.The latest Annual Report is included in the Tenants Voice Spring Newsletter 2018 below.

Tenants' & Leaseholders' Forum

The Tenants' and Leaseholders Forum provides tenants and leaseholders with an ideal opportunity to meet with other tenants and leaseholders and to let us know about issues in the area where you live. Meetings also give you a chance to give us feedback on the services that we provide and to influence decisions made about your homes and communities. You can also find out what is happening nationally in the housing sector.

Tenants and leaseholders who attend meetings are entitled to claim travelling expenses and reasonable carer costs. If you would like more information, please contact Jennie Larkin our Tenant Involvement Officer on 01329 824463 or email

Dates of meetings:

Minutes of meetings:

Estate Monitors and Block Captains

Estate monitors and block captains are volunteer tenants and leaseholders who monitor housing estate services such as cleaning, grass cutting and litter picking. They are provided with information about what work should be done and how often they report back to us whether the service is good or whether improvements are needed. Any issues raised are taken up with the contractor and this helps improve the delivery of service.

If you would like to volunteer to monitor these services, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer, the Tenant Involvement Officer or the Leasehold Management officer on 01329 236100 or email

Two meetings were held in early December 2021 to discuss the cleaning contract. Feedback from tenants who attended the meeting or who gave their views in other ways will be used when the contract goes out to tender. Details of the feedback will be made available on the website. .

South Coast Training

In partnership with eight other organisations, we arrange two training events for tenants and leaseholders each year in Southampton. The organisations include Gosport Borough Council, Winchester City Council, Southampton City Council, New Forest District Council, Portsmouth City Council, Radian, Vivid, and Poole Housing Partnership.

Each training event lasts a day and covers a range of subjects. Up to 10 tenants/leaseholders can attend from each organisation and the day provides an excellent opportunity to talk to other tenants and leaseholders.

The last South Coast Training conference was held at The Novotel in Southampton on 16th October 2021. Five tenants attended from Fareham Borough Council. There was one workshop and this was Housing Law. The workshop covered the Charter for Social Housing and included the impact of the Grenfell Fire tragedy on fire safety.

If you would like to find out more about South Coast Training and other training opportunities, please contact the Tenant Involvement Officer on 01329 824463 or email

Estate inspections

Our Neighbourhood Officers carry out regular inspections of our estates. You can contact your Neighbourhood Officer directly to arrange for the area where you live to be inspected. Inspections give an opportunity for you to highlight any problems in the area in which you live such as dumped rubbish and overgrown areas.

You can contact your Neighbourhood Officer on 01329 236100 or by emailing

Estate Improvements

Each year we make available a budget for small housing estate/environmental improvements. Tenants and leaseholders are encouraged to make suggestions for work that may help improve the appearance on an estate or area. If you have any suggestions, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer or Leasehold Management Officer on 01329 236100, email or complete the application for estate improvements.

Tenants' Voice

Our newsletter is sent out twice a year to all tenants and leaseholders and is produced by a team of tenants and officers. If you have any suggestions about what should be included in the newsletter, please contact our Tenant Involvement Officer on 01329 824463 or email Alternatively, contact the Leasehold Management Officer on 01329 824499 or email



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