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Planned maintenance

We aim to maintain our properties in good condition and ensure we comply with the Decent Homes Standard through programmes of planned maintenance. The planned works will commonly include one or more of the following:

We will:

What's coming up?

The Council are collecting stock condition data over the next 5 years to help develop planned programmes of work. More detailed plans will be published over the next few years. Some of the key planned maintenance projects over the next two years are detailed below under the respective years.


The Council are planning for replacement windows to the following sites, with an anticipated total expenditure of £450,000.

Houses in Fort Fareham Road Estate are being retrofitted to improve their energy performance to the latest building regulation standard, lowering the fuel costs for incoming tenants. Two further houses will receive this refurbishment work, costing £100,000 per dwelling.

Maisonettes in Bishopsfield Road will receive specialised repairs to the concrete balconies, walkways and staircase with renewed paint coatings, costing an estimated £150,000 for this phase of seven blocks.

Fire door replacements are planned for the following sites:

A ground floor extension for disability living within the borough, costing £100,000.


The Council will be surveying for replacement windows to the following sites:

Two further houses in Fort Fareham Road Estate will be retrofitted to improve their energy performance.

Cyclical Maintenance

We will:

Find the full programme of roads and sites here.

Compliance Work (Service and Maintenance)

We will:

You have a responsibility to:

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