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Report a repair and priority timescales


The Council's Housing department will be updating its Responsive Repairs system from 29th April to 12th May. 


Please be aware that for any Council housing repairs we are only able to make emergency appointments during this time.  However, if you have any concerns about the health and safety of your property or if you are not sure that your repair is an emergency, please contact us.


Repair timescales

There are many ways to report a repair to us. Fill in the online report a repair form or telephone our repair line number where the team will be ready to advise and help you report your repair: 01329 824771 or free phone 0800 1412194.

Our office opening hours are 08:45am-5:15pm, Monday to Friday

When you call, you can help us by letting us know:

If you prefer, you can email your repair to us at

Alternatively, you can visit our reception in person at Civic Offices, Civic Way, Fareham, Hampshire.

Another option is to write to us at: Civic Offices, Civic Way, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 7AZ.

Please help us by providing as much information as possible when you report the repair, eg. location, severity etc., as this will help us to send the right repair person with the right materials and the right tools to your home.

Please ensure your home is safe for us to work in, eg. pets are kept safe, repair is accessible, children under 18 are not left alone in the house.

If you need to report an emergency repair or gas repair outside of our office opening hours, please telephone the emergency out of hours telephone number as follows:

Emergency out of hours: 0800 374485

Gas repairs (anytime): 0800 9702512

Other contact telephone numbers that may be of help:

If you think you have a gas leak or carbon monoxide present then:

Repair priorities and timescales

When you ring us to report a repair, your repair is instantly assessed by the repairs advisor and given a priority which has a realistic target time for completion.

The repair advisor can tell you what priority your repair has been given, which will be prioritised into one of the following categories:  emergency, priorityroutine or planned routine.

On some occasions further investigation of the repair issue might result in it being re-categorised. This could result in the repair being escalated and completed quicker, or being identified that the required works will fall under a future planned maintenance project.

What is an emergency, priority or routine repair?

Emergency repairs: an emergency repair is something that is likely to cause immediate risk to property or persons if not attended to immediately. We aim to complete your emergency repair or make safe within 24 hours from receiving your repair request (including an out of hours emergency repair). Examples of an emergency repair include:


Please note that if you report your Emergency repair outside of office opening hours which could not be reasonably classified as an Emergency, we may charge you the extra costs of doing the work outside office opening hours.

Priority repairs: a priority repair is something that is likely to cause risk to property or persons if left for more than a week. We aim to complete your priority repair within seven calendar days.

Examples of a priority repair include:

Routine repairs: a routine repair is one that does not fall within either of the above priorities. It may also include subsequent, or follow-up works following an emergency or priority repair.

We aim to complete routine repairs within 28 calendar days.

Examples of a routine repair include:

Planned routine repairs: a repair or works within the home that do not fall within any of the above priorities and are not part of the planned maintenance programme.

We aim to complete low routine repairs within 6 months.

Examples of a routine repair include:

Complex repair investigations: these repairs require investigation or monitoring periods to understand the cause and do not fall within any of the other categories.

We aim to complete repairs upon conclusion of the diagnose of the repair. These are often significant building defects and may involve professional consultants or insurance companies.

Examples of these include:

If your home requires a complex repair investigation then we will explain this to you.

Planned Maintenance Works: these works are works, repairs and improvements that will be fully addressed as part of a future planned maintenance programme.

Examples of these could include:

If at anytime you would like an update on a logged repair with us, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are dissatisfied with an element of the repair service, including the category/priority that your repair has been assigned, then the Council have a complaints procedure which can ensure your concern is escalated to an appropriate manager.

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