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Tenant responsibilities

Whilst we provide repairs and maintenance to the structure, outside and shared parts of your home, there are some minor repairs that are your responsibility.

Examples of these would include:

Please have a look in your Tenancy Agreement to see more of your repair responsibilities.

Chargeable repairs

We will carry out repairs and maintain the structure of your home, including the outside and shared parts of your home.  We will also repair and maintain the installations provided by us for supplying water, gas, electricity, plumbing and heating installations.

The outside woodwork and metalwork to your home including communal areas is also our responsibility.

It is important that you allow our authorised employees or other agents into your home at all reasonable hours to carry out any repairs we consider necessary to make sure your home or any person is not at risk.

However, if damage is caused by neglect, carelessness or misuse by you, your household, pets or visitors to your home we will charge you for a range of specific repairs. We call these repairs rechargeable repairs.

An unlimited list of your repair responsibilities are itemised in your tenancy agreement.

Examples of rechargeable repairs would include:

How do we decide what is neglect, carelessness or misuse?

You may not have to pay for repairs if:

You need to have reported the incident in these examples to the Police and provided us with a Crime Reference Number.

If there is any uncertainty or doubt about how the damage was caused, we will come and check the situation before we make a decision.  If we decide that you have broken the terms of your Tenancy Agreement, we will advise you what action is to be taken.

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