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Private sector housing initiatives


Private sector housing stock provides homes to 92% of the Borough's residents. Its condition is an important part of the health, quality of life and well being of the majority of our residents and to the Borough's appearance and economic prosperity.

More than 86% of housing stock in Fareham is owner occupied, a much higher proportion than the county and national averages. Although responsibility for maintaining and repairing privately-owned housing lies with owners, we have a role to make sure these homes are in good condition and are safe and healthy for people who live in them. We do this by providing help to owners, private landlords and tenants by:

Disabled facilities grants

If you or someone in your home is disabled you may qualify for help towards the cost of providing adaptations and facilities to help you/your family member continue to live independently.  This work can be funded by a disabled facilities grant which you can apply for if own your own home, rent or live with the family.

Home improvement loans

We want residents in private sector housing to live in homes that are safe and secure.  Many owner-occupiers who receive an income-related benefit have difficulties getting financial support to undertake necessary improvements in their homes even though there is substantial 'equity' in the property. Our home improvement loan aims to provide funding for this work, with repayment of an interest free loan being deferred until the sale of your home. Equity in the property is used to repay the loan together with a small administrative charge. Subject to your financial resources and availability of funds, we will consider providing an interest free home improvement loan to help vulnerable home owners who cannot afford essential repairs. The loan is to remedy disrepair, eliminate serious hazards, install modern facilities or an efficient heating system. For more information, contact us 01329 236100 or

Empty homes

We encourage use of empty homes to meet housing need within the Borough. To help owners, we offer advice. If your property needs works to eliminate a serious hazard you may be able to get a home improvement loan to help prepare it for occupation. For more information on empty homes please contact us on 01329 236100 (extension 2666) or email

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