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Press Release

31 July 2014

Development Sites and Policies Plan examination hearings

The hearing sessions for the Local Plan Part 2: Development Sites and Polices Plan will take place at the Civic Offices, between Tuesday 11 November and Thursday 20 November, following an announcement from the independent Planning Inspector.

The Council submitted the Development Sites and Policies Plan to the Inspector last month and the hearing sessions are an important part of the examination process for the Plan. The Inspector, Mr David Hogger, will use them to get more information on the issues linked to the Plan that he thinks are critical to the 'soundness' and legal compliance of the Plan.  For example, whether it meets national planning policy and whether it has been prepared in the correct way.

All of the representations that were made during the recent consultation on the Plan will be considered by the Inspector as part of the examination.  He will also invite some of those people and groups who indicated that they wanted to participate at the hearing sessions to talk about specific issues in more detail.

The inspector may identify particular parts of the Development Sites and Policies Plan that need changing during the hearing sessions, in order to make them sound or legally compliant.  If this happens, the Council will undertake further public consultation on the changes to the Plan and then report the results back to the Inspector.

A daily programme for the hearing sessions outlining what Plan issues are to be discussed, as well which of those who had made representations on the Plan, the Inspector wishes to attend each session will be published in the coming weeks.

No Pre-Hearing Meeting is to be held but instead the Inspector will be issuing detailed guidance to everyone who made representations on the Development Sites and Policies Plan earlier this year. The guidance note will explain the procedures to be followed throughout the examination of the Plan and how the hearing sessions will be prepared for and carried out.

Executive Member for Planning and Development, Councillor Keith Evans said: "The Development Sites and Policies Plan sets out Fareham Borough Council's approach to managing and delivering development identified in the Borough (excluding Welborne) to 2026. Once adopted, it will form part of Fareham's statutory development plan."

Following any follow-up consultation that may take place, the Inspector will prepare his final report which will set out whether he finds the Development Sites and Policies Plan sound and legally compliant. The Inspector's final report is expected to be received in spring 2015.

If the Plan is found sound, then the Council will be able to formally adopt it as part of the Council's Local Plan.




Editor's notes

Development Sites and Policies Plan examination

The Local Plan Part 2:  The Development Sites and Policies public examination started when the Council submitted the plan to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 23 June 2014.


Who is the Independent Planning Inspector?

The Secretary of State appointed, Mr David Hogger BA MSc MRTPI MCIHT to independently examine the Development Sites and Policies Plan.


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