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Press Release

Thursday 21st July 2011

Fareham's Core Strategy approved

Fareham Borough Council has received the final report about its Core Strategy from the Planning Inspector, Michael Hetherington, giving the Council the green light to go ahead with proposals for the Borough, including the development of a new community to the North of Fareham.

This follows an examination in public which took place in May of this year, when Mr Hetherington listened to proposals for the next 15 years and beyond about where new housing and businesses will be built in the Borough of Fareham, as well as highlighting areas that will be protected from future development. The Inspector also considered new infrastructure needs (such as improved roads, open space and community facilities), housing need, flood management, transport, the environment and business and employment growth. The Core Strategy includes specific development proposals for Coldeast, Daedalus, Fareham town centre and a new community to the North of Fareham.

Mr Hetherington stated that "Fareham's Core Strategy Development Plan provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the Borough over the next 15 years and that the Council has sufficient evidence to support the strategy and can show that it has a reasonable chance of being delivered".

Executive Leader of the Council, Councillor Seán Woodward said: "We are delighted that the Council's Core Strategy document has been found sound by the Planning Inspector. This puts the Council and our residents who we represent, in the driving seat in deciding where future development in the Borough will and will not happen."

The Planning Inspector did suggest a few changes, most of which were based on suggestions put forward by the Council in response to points raised whilst the public examination was going on in May.

The changes to the Core Strategy recommended by the Inspector are:

  1. To remove reference to the proposed employment area at junction 11 of the M27, allowing the Council to consider the best approach to meeting the employment needs of the new community within the overall area of the development.
  2. To ensure that transport options for the new community are fully tested.
  3. To revisit the rate at which housing for the new community will be built.
  4. To consider the use of gardens for housing on a case by case basis.
  5. To ensure that the Council's approach to safeguarding land for employment premises is clear.
  6. To identify in future planning documents where development will or will not take place.
  7. To ensure that protection of conservation sites is a high priority.
  8. To ensure a clear approach to planning for the needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople.
  9. To follow the latest Government guidelines when negotiating money from developers to be used for the benefit of the community.
  10. To review which areas between existing towns and villages should have special protection from development.
  11. To take a reasonable approach in encouraging environmentally friendly buildings.

The Council will now work on the Area Action Plan to provide a detailed framework for the new community to the North of Fareham, which will include information about the types of houses, the level of affordable housing, infrastructure such as roads, schools and community facilities etc, the amount, nature and location of employment opportunities, and how open spaces will be created and maintained.

Councillor Seán Woodward, said: "We are keen to continue talking to the residents of Fareham, and those in the nearby communities of Knowle and Wickham about the plans for the new community, which will provide a variety of homes and employment for the next generation."

Timescales for the Area Action Plan are as follows:

Autumn 2011 to Spring 2012
Community engagement on options for the new community


Summer 2012
Consultation on draft Area Action Plan for new community


Spring 2013
Examination in Public on Area Action Plan for new community


Autumn 2013
Area Action Plan for new community adopted


The developers of the site are currently working to the following timescales:

Outline planning permission for the new community sought


Detailed planning permission and infrastructure for new community sought


Preparation of site starts


Development of housing and other facilities



Notes for editors

Councillors will be asked to consider the adoption of the Core Strategy at a special Council meeting on 4 August at 6pm and the relevant report will be published on the Council's website on Wednesday 27 July.

Fareham's Core Strategy Inspector's Report and Appendix C  PDF (261 KB)

Inspector's Report Appendix A  PDF (2 MB)

Inspector's Report Appendix B   PDF (74 KB)

For Further Information Contact:
Sue Mills, PR and Marketing Manager, tel: 01329 824518
fax: 01329 824505, e-mail:

Cllr Seán Woodward, Executive Leader

Cllr Keith Evans, Executive Member for Strategic Planning and Environment


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