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Fees and Charges Summary 2013-14


Fees and Charges are reviewed by the Council on an annual basis to apply for the whole of the financial year (1 April - 31 March).


Collection of Strays (An additional £25 will be added to this fee where the same dog is found straying, leading to seizure, more than once in any 3 month period). 25.00
Dog Kennelling - For first 24 hours or part thereof 65.00
Dog Kennelling - For any subsequent 24 hours or part thereof 35.00
Micro-chipping of dogs - Note 1 14.00
Private home check visit - Note 1 30.00


Fee inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.





Pollution Technical Advice charge per hour


Out of hours service charges based on cost to the Council  



                                                Fee £
Private Sector Housing - Immigration Visit                                                                

Charge to be actual cost to the Council

Private Sector Housing - Housing Act 2004 Enforcement Notices

Charge to be actual cost to the Council up to and including service of Notice

Inspection and / or sampling of private water  supplies / distribution networks Charge to be actual cost to the Council
Out of Hours Service Charge to be actual cost to the Council



Current Fee £

Charges for training courses available on application to the Head of Environmental Health.

Export Health Certificates  74.00
Issue of Certificate for Unsound Food - (Notes 2) 188.00
Transportation of Unsound Food  
- First hour (min 1 hour) - (Notes 1 & 3) 138.00
- Subsequent whole hours - (Notes 1 & 3)  70.00
- Transport and disposal - (Note 4)  
Food Safety technical advice for businesses charge per hour   45.00


  1. Fee inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.
  2. Certificate required in support of insurance claims even though the food, due to its condition, would not be marketable or usable.
  3. Plus disposal of unsound food.
  4. Charged at cost to Council


Current Fee

All premises: Charge per hour (min of 1 hour) plus materials - (Notes 1 & 2)  68.00
Treatment of Mice in Domestic Premises - (Notes 1 & 2)  34.00
Treatment of Rats in Domestic Premises  FREE
Missed appointment  34.00
Pest Control Advice Visits to commercial premises charge per hour (Note 1)  45.00


Fee inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate
Persons in receipt of certain benefits - Free



Statutory Charges

Current Fee

Lotteries - registration                                                                                              40.00
Lotteries - renewal 20.00


Gambling Act 2005

Charges available on application to Director of Regulatory and Democratic Services




The service is provided to ensure public safety through the licensing of regulated activities and to ensure that they are undertaken in accordance with the relevant licence conditions.

In addition the Council are the Licensing Authority under the Licensing Act 2003. The Act replaced existing licensing regimes concerning the sale of alcohol, public entertainment, theatres, cinemas and late night refreshment with a unified system of regulation. From February 2005 the Council has dealt with applications for premises and personal licences which took effect in November 2005. From this date the Council took over all the licensing functions some of which such as liquor licensing were previously undertaken by the Magistrates Court.

The Act requires that the Council carries out its various licensing functions so as to promote the following four licensing objectives:-

The prevention of crime and disorder
Public safety
The prevention of public nuisance
The protection of children from harm

The fees have been set by the Government and are detailed below:

Premises/Club Applications/Conversions

The Fees are based on rateable values of properties:
Rateable Value Band

Initial License Fee

Annual Fee

£0 - £4,300 A 100.00 70.00
£4,301 - £33,000 B 190.00 180.00
£33,001 - £87,000 C 315.00 295.00
£87,001 - £125,000 D 450.00 320.00
£125,001 and over E 635.00 350.00

A multiplier applied to premises in Bands D and E where they are exclusively or primarily in the business of selling alcohol (mainly large town and city centre pubs) as follows:

Rateable Value            Band          

City/Town Centre Pub
Application Fee (£)

City/Town Centre Pub
Annual Charge (£)

£87,001 - £125,000 D 900.00                   640.00
£125,001 and over E 1,905.00 1,050.00

If in addition to the conversion application the conditions in respect of alcohol are to be varied then an addition Fee to those set out above becomes payable as follows:

Rateable Value Band

Variation Fee

£0 - £4,300 A 20.00
£4,301 - £33,000 B 60.00
£33,001 - £87,000 C 80.00
£87,001 - £125,000 D 100.00
£125,001 and over E 120.00

Exceptionally large events

A fee structure also exists for exceptionally large events starting at capacity of 5,000 people.  Please contact the Licensing Authority for details of these.

Personal Licences, Temporary Events and other Fees (Statutory)

Additional Fees are as follows:

Occasion on which Fee payable Current Fee £
Personal Licence 37.00
Minor Variations 89.00
Temporary Event Notice 21.00
Application for copy of Licence or summary on theft, loss etc. of Premises Licence or summary 10.50
Notification of change of name or address 10.50
Applications to vary – to specify Individuals as premises supervisor 23.00
Application to transfer Premises Licence 23.00
The removal of conditions for community premises 23.00
Interim Authority Notice 23.00
Application for making a Provisional Statement 195.00
Application for copy of certificate or summary on theft, loss etc. of certificate or summary 10.50
Notification of change of name or alteration of club rules 10.50
Change of relevant registered address of club 10.50
Application for copy of licence on theft, loss etc. of temporary event notices 10.50
Application for copy of licence on theft, loss etc. of personal licence 10.50
Right of freeholder etc. to be notified of licensing matters 21.00


Applications for premises licences or club certificates which relate to the provision of regulated entertainment only and the application is from the following then NO FEES are payable, but applications must still be made:

An educational institution which is a school or college and the entertainment is carried on by the educational institution for and on behalf of the purposes of the educational institution.


That the application is in respect of premises that are or form part of a church hall, chapel hall, or similar building or village hall, parish hall or community hall or other similar building.


All Fees and Licences are exclusive of VAT unless stated.

Other Licences and Fees Current Fee £
Skin Piercers : Premises 140.00
Skin Piercers : Persons  82.00
Street Trading Consent : 12 months 1,680.00
Street Trading Consent : 6 months 945.00
Street Trading Consent : 3 months 525.00
Dangerous Wild Animal Licenses (note 1) : Registration 815.00
Dangerous Wild Animal Licenses (note 1) : Renewal 88.00
Riding Establishment Licenses (note 1) : Initial registration / renewal/variation –per horse 38.00
Animal Boarding Establishment Licences - (note 1) 165.00
Home (Domestic) Animal Boarding Establishment Licences 115.00
Pet Shop Licences - (note 1) 110.00
Dog Breeders Licence - (note 1) 165.00
Zoo : Initial Application (valid for 4 years) - (Note 1) 1,800.00
Zoo : Renewal (valid for 6 years) - (Note 1) 1,800.00
Sex Shops: Initial Fee 1,800.00
Sex Shops: Renewal Fee 1,800.00
Sex Establishment Initial Fee 1,800.00
Sex Establishment Renewal Fee 1,800.00
Scrap Metal Dealer: Initial Fee  225.00
Scrap Metal Dealer: Renewal Fee 125.00
Mobile Collector: Initial Fee 125.00
Mobile Collector: Renewal Fee 90.00
Variation of Licence 125.00
Replacement Licence 20.00
Advice to commercial premises (licensing and health & safety) charge per hour or part thereof  45.00


All initial applications and subsequent renewals where appropriate will also include vets fees in addition to the charges above.



Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licences Current Fee £

Vehicle Licence

Hackney Carriage 185.00
Private Hire 185.00
Transfer of Licence (Note 2) 185.00
Temporary Transfer (Note 3,4) 185.00

Operators Licence

Private Hire 185.00

Drivers Licence

Initial Licence: Hackney Carriage  80.00
Initial Licence: Private Hire  80.00
Initial Licence: Dual Application 115.00
Subsequent Licence: Hackney Carriage  60.00
Subsequent Licence: Private Hire  60.00
Subsequent Licence: Dual Application  87.00
DVLA Drivers' Licence Check (Note 5)    5.75
Failure to attend appointment  34.00
Replacement Licence 10.50
Transfer of Ownership (Note 2)  25.00
Knowledge Test (per test)  30.00
Drivers Badge - issue and replacement (Note 1)   5.00

Vehicle Other

Replacement plates and fixings (Note 1)  20.00
Replacement brackets  15.00
Interior windscreen plate   5.00

Driver Other

Criminal Records Bureau Fee Actual cost
Medical Consultation Actual cost


Fee inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.
This charge has been set at a level to cover the cost of administering transfers. Transfers will only be permitted in March and April in exceptional circumstances. Transfers, in months other than March and April, will be charged at 50%
This charge covers the cost of temporary transfers due to the use of loan cars for insurance purposes.
This charge has been set at a level to cover the cost of administering temporary transfers.
This is the actual cost to the Council.


For further information please contact the Finance section on Tel: 01329 236100, or e-mail


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