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The Queen's platinum jubilee logoThe Queen's Copse & The Platinum Copse 

Frequently asked questions


Why do I have to apply by 1 April?

Applications to sponsor a tree must be received by 1 April 2022 so that the trees can be ordered in time for their planting from November 2022.

When will the tree I have sponsored be planted?

Trees will begin to be planted from November 2022.

Will I be able to go to see the tree I have sponsored?

You may be able to see your tree; however, the commemorative trees at Abbey Meadows will not be directly accessible to the public, as they will be planted within a fenced area for the protection of the trees. An interpretation board will be sited at the entrance to the area to explain why the trees have been planted, and who has sponsored them. It is anticipated that there will be an annual open day so sponsors can visit their tree once a year.

How will I know which tree is the one I have sponsored?

We have a number of options to facilitate a sponsor finding their tree:

Will I own the tree?

The cost of your sponsorship will cover the supply, planting, staking, tree guards where necessary, watering and maintenance.

Why has this site been chosen?

The Executive agreed in September 2021 that any new pro-active tree planting would be undertaken on a strategic basis. Abbey Meadows was identified as the largest site and considered the most suitable for use as a commemorative tree planting area for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, making a welcome and prominent addition to the site.

How large is the site?

The area identified is approx. 0.54 hectares (1.34 acres) in size.

How many trees will be planted?

The number of trees which can be planted in this area will be dependent on the species and how many of each are sponsored as part of the scheme. There could be up to 100 trees.


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