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Offensive healthcare waste

Healthcare waste which is offensive (as classified by a healthcare professional) can be put in your general refuse bin. Please follow these guidelines:

Wrap It!

When putting healthcare waste in your domestic green top bin, please double wrap it in plastic bags, tied securely.

Plastic bags

Please use plastic carrier bags or bin liners. Yellow or orange healthcare bags must not be put in the domestic bins.

More Bin Capacity?

If, due to the healthcare waste going into your green top bin, you do not have sufficient room in the bin, you can request an additional green top bin. If approved, it will be issued at no extra charge.

Other Healthcare Waste

Infectious healthcare waste as determined by a health professional must not be put in domestic bins. This will be collected separately by the Council.

Sharps (hypodermic needles) must not be placed in domestic bins. Sharps will be collected separately by the Council.

For more information contact us at or telephone 01329 236100

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