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IFA2 CAT Meeting

10 December 2015

46 attendees

Presentation by Cllr Woodward, Chaired by Cllr Mrs Mandry

Councils point of view, not Leader or Council's project.

Please see the presentation here PDF (1 MB)



Why does the substation need to be at Chilling?  Why can't it go to Collingwood?

400kv transmission network doesn't exist anywhere else. (Morris, National Grid)

How much extra is it costing not to come on shore directly at Chilling?

Not a consumer cost, it's a National Grid (NG) cost. Chilling is the most effective connection point. Cost for getting to connection point is cost of NG, not the consumer. Won't know this cost until we go out to tender. (Morris, NG)

Road traffic problems around Daedalus bad anyway, how much more disruptive will this be? Will it happen before or after the Stubbington bypass is built?

After probably, staff travelling to site isn't a problem as only 6 or 7 are required. Road access will be looked at, but it is a huge project. (Leader)

Pleased much will be done underground.  Join from sea to Chilling will be covered once work is completed.  Not the same for Daedalus.  Is it open trenching?

Any work that is done on shore will need trenches dug, but they will be filled in again as won't be open so looking at right option for that. (Leader and Morris, NG)

What is HCC's analysis of proposal at Chilling? Capital cost will come back to consumer.  Building will be a carbuncle on the site at Daedalus. Is it a knee jerk reaction to HCC's rejection?

Not a knee jerk reaction. HCC were adamant the answer was no. Planning consent would have come to FBC and was likely to be a no from FBC as planning authority because lots of restrictions on site at Chilling as it's an area of natural beauty. Agree that it is a large building - similar in size and height of Drystack building at Portchester, but better to be in a building than looking at pylons of that height. (Leader)

Project is for consumer benefit, not consumer cost. (Morris, NG)

Can building be screened?

Design is everything and if we can screen elements of it, it will be sympathetically designed. Anything that can be done to minimise impact will be done, but can't disguise that it is a very large building. (Leader)

How will disruption to traffic be minimised when construction starts?

Will be a matter for FBC and HCC to consider. There will be disruption, but will be managed. (Leader)

Should be at Fawley.

Fawley site has been sold for housing, and not suitable site for NG, so not an option. (Leader)

The most efficient access point for connection is at Chilling (Morris, NG)

Cables alongside runway, 1M deep.  Is this not a hazard to runway?

Will need technical assessment regards how the cables will be installed, how deep, where placed etc and this data will all have to be put to the Council for consideration,  FBC will not give planning consent if a hazardous situation. Committed to running a safe airport. (Leader)

Site for convertor will take away land on enterprise zone that may create more jobs.  Is there a conflict here?

Also, local plans 2011 and 2014 shows plans for land use at Daedalus shows a green space at northern site, and an area for employment is marked on there. Vision for Daedalus has now been eaten into to make room for convertor site. Planning strategy has been influenced. HCC report re Chilling site gave short shrift to having Interconnector there as area has special protection and pointed to Daedalus and Fawley.

County Council P and R committee decided not to sell land and have a right to do that. HCC have a policy of buying countryside land to protect it. Open space now to North of site in vision is larger than any other area in previous plans. Daedalus is an employment site with target of 3.5k jobs over 20 + years.  (Leader)

Will mobile phones signal be affected? Will there be any noise from the site affecting humans?

NG say no, Leader says prove it. Need to prove it to independent people and councillors. (Leader)

NG say there will be no noise.  Would it be grounds for refusal of planning permission if there is noise?

We will need to know what level of noise there will be. No guarantee there will be no noise, but will need to be acceptable to people going about their general business. To do no harm needs to be proven beyond reasonable doubt. This is similar to when mobile phone masts started to be constructed, which aren't an issue now.  (Leader)

Applications like this would need to tell us exactly what the building will be constructed from, what they will use to construct it, background noise levels, timings of noise etc, what kit will be in building and noise it produces, and will need to be demonstrated to us. (Head of Planning)

Building will stand out like a sore thumb, like Drystack at Portchester. Cant do much with it.  Good reason for moving it somewhere else.  This one could be managed and partially screened better than Drystack building. Roads already clogged up.  Big 2 year project.  Needs the bypass brought in first. 

Don't have the money to put the bypass in now.  Application for funding put to Government at present.  (Leader)

Can NG not put up the money?

Even if we did have the money, bypass wouldn't be build in time for these works. (Leader)

Fawley is in 2 pieces.  One piece sold, one not.  There is a tunnel there and need to understand why tunnel already there is not made available

Advised by NG that tunnel is in use for existing cables and there is no capability to accommodate more and is not fit for purpose for additional cables. (Morris, NG)

Why should landowner at Fawley be allowed to decide this.  Should have an independent review.

NG control tunnel and have advised cannot take more. (Leader)

NG owned substation at Fawley but not power station.  Tunnel is owned by NG (NGET) who have advised tunnel cannot be used. (Morris, NG)

Lay cables alongside the tunnels.

There is no site for a substation at Fawley even if this could be done (Leader)

Concerned about health issues of cables close to housing.  What research has been done?

FBC will need to be convinced on all health issues.  Huge project in Fareham which we need to know will not harm population. (Leader)

EMF's - whats the radius of 1000 mega watt?

Assessment of EMF's yet to be done, but cables buried 1.5 m deep.  Magnetic field reduces with distance and height.  No verified calculations at this stage, but will be part of NG planning submission. NG to prove there is no harm from installation. (Morris, NG)

Fawley was easily secured during emergency and war.  Has this been taken into account and how will this area be secured?

NG takes safety and security very seriously, some sites deemed critical.  This site is not deemed a critical site. Access will be restricted. Due consideration will be given to any security threats, but not able to talk more specifically in public. (Morris, NG)

Fawley - I was told owner wanted costs of demolition/decommissioning.

We knew Fawley site was up for sale, with decommissioning available, and this has now changed, so was not an option for NG when looking for a site. (Morris, NG)

What distance can EMF's travel?

Will be looking at radio interference and electro magnetic impact.  First time Interconnector has been located close to airfield, so much research and investigations will take place. (Morris, NG)

Brownfield site of Daedalus where building could go has derelict housing on it. There are other areas on this site where this building could go.

HCA have been marketing this site and have a preferred bidder, so this site is not an option. (Leader)

Are there likely to be any restrictions on aircraft flying near this location?

Need to be no adverse constraints on airport. We have made investment in runway, border force, licences etc and want this to be used by current and more users. (Leader)

Ought to be a re-visitation of Fawley site, as there hasn't been enough challenge about this.


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