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Council Tax

Council Tax is your contribution to the many services we provide, such as collecting rubbish and providing housing, as well as providing funds for the police service, the fire service and schools and other services run by Hampshire County Council.

In this section, you can find out more about Council Tax such as how you can pay, how it is set, what happens if you don't pay and whether you can apply for any discounts.

Fareham's part of the Council Tax increases

Following a consultation with residents living in the Fareham Borough, in early 2024, it has become clear that an increase in Council Tax is necessary to ensure that residents continue to receive the same high level of service they have come to expect. (Find details of how to take part in future consultations here.)

The Fair Funding Review has been deferred until at least the start of the 2025/26 financial year so we will not see any changes arising from this until the 2026/27 financial year and the chances are that finances for District Councils will not benefit from this review mainly due to pressures in other areas such as Adult Social Care and Education.

As well as potential funding reductions we must also plan for other budget pressures that will see spending increase over the next few years. There is an ongoing cost of the homelessness service provision, changing demand for parking income, Hampshire County Council's arrangement for waste & recycling, the emerging waste strategy from central Government, the increasing pressure of maintaining our own assets and managing our woodlands, all of which come at a cost to the Council.  This all comes on top of the current cost of living crisis that has not only seen many households struggle but has also seen this Council experience cost increases due to high inflation.  

Despite this increase, Fareham's part of the Council Tax continues to be one of the lowest district Council Taxes in the country; this is achieved by running our services more efficiently and by careful financial management.

Just over 9% of the total Council Tax you pay goes towards services provided by Fareham Borough Council. Fareham must set its Council Tax @ Band D; the charge for 2024/25 is £185.86 (£180.46 in 2023/24), an increase of £5.40 or 2.99%.  


Council Tax Charges 2024/2025
Band Full Council Tax

Hampshire County Council


Hampshire County Council Social Care Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner Hampshire Fire & Rescue Fareham Borough Council    2024 Council Tax  - less 25% Single Resident Discount 


























































 How is your Council tax spent?


Your Council Tax Guide 2024/25  PDF (569 KB) 


Hampshire County Council Budgets, Performance & Spending External Hyperlink 


Hampshire County Council - how the Council Tax is calculated External Hyperlink


Hampshire Police Precept External Hyperlink


Hampshire & IOW Fire & Rescue Precept External Hyperlink

 Council tax FAQs

The answers to frequently asked questions about Council tax increases, and the Council budget. While it is not an exhaustive list, it covers the most commonly asked questions:

Council Tax FAQs

 Sign up for e-billing and view your Council Tax online

If you would like to access your Council Tax or Business Rates bill via e-mail or view your Council Tax or Business Rates online follow the link below.

Register for online council tax


Paying your Council Tax

You can pay your Council Tax in several ways and over 10 or 12 months in a normal year.  Here you can find you out which one will best suit you. You can also find out what you should do if you are having problems paying and how you can see your bills online.

 Are you entitled to discounts and exemptions?

In some circumstances, you may not have to pay the full Council Tax amount you have been asked for. In this section, you can find out about discounts and exemptions and whether you might qualify. It includes links to the Benefits web pages so that if you are on a low income you can see if you might get Council Tax Support.

 Are you moving or have your circumstances changed?

It is very important that you let us know if you move into or out of any property or of any chance in your circumstances so that you pay the correct level of Council Tax. We will need evidence of this. In all cases, you must let us know if you are no longer entitled to a discount or an exemption. We will take legal action if anyone makes a fraudulent claim. In this section, you can see more about this.

 How is my Council Tax calculated?

How much Council Tax you pay depends on the valuation band your property falls into. Here, you can find out how bands are set and the amount of Council Tax payable for each.

arrow Council Tax Privacy Statement Freeman of the Land and Similar Groups and Challenges to the legality of Council Tax

In the UK, liability for Council Tax is determined by the Local Government Finance Act 1992. This statute sets out a local authority's rights to demand Council Tax to fund services and who is liable to pay. The statute was created by a democratically elected Parliament of the United Kingdom and has received the assent of the Crown and subsequent statutory regulations.

On occasions we are contacted by residents who refer to themselves as "Freeman of the Land" or similar groups, these groups wrongly believe that using an archaic law means they don't have to pay Council Tax, this belief originates from the many misleading articles and templates on the internet regarding the legality of Council Tax and also the recovery of unpaid Council Tax through the Magistrate's Court.  You do not have a choice whether you are liable to pay Council Tax, and being a 'freeman' or something similar does not exempt anyone from payment. If you have any concerns over the charging of Council Tax, you should seek proper independant legal advice, rather than relying on internet sources or forum statements which are legally incorrect and misleading.

arrow Council Tax Privacy Statement Council Tax Privacy Statement PDF (92 KB)

Your information will be used by Fareham Borough Council to administer and calculate your liability to taxes or entitlement to benefits. We have a duty to protect public funds and will use this information for the prevention and detection of fraud, auditing, monitoring, statistical and other research.  The information may be shared with third parties (council departments, other councils, government agencies or external agencies). Further information is available in the Council Tax and Business Rate Privacy Notice PDF (92 KB).


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