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Litter and Dog bins

The Council receives many calls regarding litter and dog bin issues, so here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How many litter bins are there in Fareham?

There are approximately 600 litter bins provided by the Council.  They are sited all over the borough in places such as shop forecourts, parks & open spaces, the foreshore, car parks and of course on our streets.

Is this enough litter bins - or too many?

Our many years of experience informs us that the service is adequately resourced in terms of number of bins in use and number of operatives (fully) employed to empty and dispose of the contents.

How often are they emptied?

The bins are emptied on a frequency varying from three times a day, in the busy pedestrian shopping areas, through to weekly in some suburban streets and greenways.  Familiarity tells us which bins need to be emptied more (or less) frequently than others.  Careful scheduling of collections means that the cost of the service is maintained at a level considered - value for money.

What's happening to dog waste bins?

Across the Borough a replacement programme of the old style dog bin is underway. The dog bins are being replaced with a large capacity bin capable of taking both litter and dog waste. The bins are being replaced as they reach the end of their serviceable life.  

How often do litter bins need to be replaced?

We try and make them last for 10 years, so around 10% of the total amount of litter bins in Fareham are replaced each year.  This is mainly due to wear and tear, length of service and sadly, vandalism.

How much does it cost to replace a litter bin or install an additional one?

It costs around £350 to replace an old bin.

How many additional bins does the Council install each year?

Not very many.  We have already said that there are a sufficient number to provide the requisite service.  If we responded positively to all requests for additional litter bins the cost of the service would rapidly increase to a level some would regard as too expensive.  The visual impact of this type of street furniture is also a consideration the council must evaluate.

How does the Council decide if it should install an additional litter bin? (And as a consequence: increase the cost of the service).

Careful consideration goes into deciding this.  Can the site accommodate a litter bin without impacting on footway access and underground utilities? An assessment of how far away the closest litter bins to the site which has been suggested will be made. Is the site close to a school route, a bus stop, a popular thoroughfare or a seating bench?  In order to maintain the optimum number of litter bins and keep the service costs to an acceptable level, it usually means that a 'new' installation involves an existing litter bin being relocated.  This action sometimes leads to complaints from regular users of the bin which was moved, so you can appreciate the dilemma the council has in balancing limited service resources.

If you wish to report or discuss any of the above, please contact us on or telephone 01329 236100


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