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The Constitution - Part One - Chapter 15 - Interpreting the Constitution: Suspending the Constitution

Limit to suspension

15.1  This Constitution may not be suspended except where rules permitting its suspension or waiver are provided explicitly in documents contained within the Constitution or following the procedure described in paragraph 15.2 below.

Procedure to suspend

15.2  A motion to suspend any part of the Constitution will not be moved without notice, unless at least half the total number of members of the Council are present. The extent and duration of any suspension will be proportionate to the result to be achieved, taking account of the purposes of the Constitution set out in Chapter 1 in this part of the Constitution, and must only be for long enough to transact the particular item of business causing the suspension.

Matters of interpretation

15.3  The ruling of the Mayor, advised by the Monitoring Officer, as to the interpretation or application of this Constitution shall not be challenged at any meeting of the Council. Such interpretation will have regard to the purposes of this Constitution contained in the Introduction of the Constitution.


15.4  The Chief Executive Officer will provide a copy of this Constitution to each member of the authority upon delivery to him or her of that individual's declaration of acceptance of office, when the member is first elected to the Council.
15.5  The Chief Executive Officer will publish copy on the website and ensure that copies of the Constitution are available for inspection at Council offices.
15.6  The Chief Executive Officer will ensure that the summary of the Constitution is made widely available within the Fareham area and is updated as necessary.



Last Reviewed - March 2018



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