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The Constitution - Part One - Chapter 16 – Codes of Conduct - Appendix 2 - Role of Mayor

Main role

A-2.1  To act as the first citizen of the Borough
A-2.2  To represent the Council as the civic head of the Borough at public and private functions.

Duties and responsibilities

A-2.3  To preside over meetings of Council and ensure that all members have equal opportunity to participate in the decision making process.
A-2.4  To promote the Borough as its first citizen and ambassador.
A-2.5  To lead official civic visits by the Council.
A-2.6  To represent the Council at non-political ceremonies, social occasions and services of prayer and remembrance.
A-2.7  On behalf of the Council, to act as host to visitors to the Borough, including members of the Royal Family, overseas visitors and other civic dignitaries.



Last Reviewed - March 2018


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