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The Constitution - Part One - Chapter 5 - The Mayor and Deputy Mayor


5.1  The Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be elected by the Council at its Annual Meeting. The Mayor will be the Civic Head of the Council.


5.2  The Mayor will, if present, preside over all meetings of the Council and ensure that the meeting is held in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Council with respect to Meetings, as set out in Part Four of this Constitution. In his/her absence, such duties will be undertaken by the Deputy Mayor.
5.3  The Mayor will represent the Council, or will be entitled, should the Deputy Mayor be unable to attend, to appoint another Councillor to represent the Council, at all formal ceremonial occasions as may be appropriate, within and outside the Borough.
5.4  The duties and responsibilities of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are described in more detail in Appendices 2 and 3 to this Part of the Constitution.




Last Reviewed - March 2018




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