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The Constitution - Part One - Chapter 9 – Audit and Governance Standards Sub-Committee

9.1 The Council has established an Audit and Governance Standards Sub-Committee to oversee, maintain and strengthen high standards of conduct in public office, as and when necessary.


9.2  The Sub-Committee will comprise three members of the Audit and Governance Committee, ensuring that it deals with its functions in a fair and proper manner having regard to the Council`s Code of Conduct, the relevant statutory provisions and the rules of natural justice.

Functions of the Standards Sub-Committee

9.3  The Audit and Governance Committee has determined that it will appoint a Standards Sub-Committee to discharge its functions relating to complaints about member conduct to assess written allegations that a member or co-opted member of the Council has failed or may have failed to comply with the Members' Code of Conduct in accordance with Chapter 7 Localism Act 2011 or any amendment or re-enactment thereof and to administer sanctions where appropriate.

9.4  The quorum of the Committee will be three members.



Last Reviewed - March 2018


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