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The Constitution - Part Three - Chapter 2 - Executive Procedure Rules


2.1  This Constitution and its supporting documents, including the Standing Orders with respect to Meetings, incorporates details of specific procedures relating to meetings and decision-making by the Executive. This protocol includes details of procedural arrangements to be followed by the Executive where no specific provision is made elsewhere in the Constitution.

Decision making

2.2  The Executive will make decisions on matters that are its responsibility at a meeting arranged for that purpose.
2.3  The Executive may delegate responsibility for any of its functions to a sub-committee of the Executive, an individual Executive Member, another local authority under joint arrangements or to an officer.
2.4  Where a sub-committee of the Executive or an individual Executive Member is responsible for an Executive function, they may delegate further to an officer.


2.5  Members of the Executive will be entitled to receive notice of all public and private meetings of the Executive, or any of its committees, at least five clear working days before the meeting, except where the meeting is convened at shorter notice as a matter of urgency.
2.6  The agenda for meetings of the Executive and its committees will make provision for the transaction of the business required by the Standing Orders for Meetings incorporated in this Constitution.

Record of decisions

2.7  After any meeting of the Executive or any of its committees, whether held in public or private, the Chief Executive Officer or, where no officer was present, the person presiding at the meeting, will produce a record of every decision taken at that meeting as soon as practicable. The record will include a statement of the reasons for each decision and any alternative options considered and rejected at that meeting.


Last Reviewed - March 2018



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