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Residents supported by Warmer Homes programme


Photo of man beside heat pumpFred

Following a free home energy advice visit through the Local Energy Advice Partnership (LEAP), Fred applied to the Warmer Homes programme to see if he was eligible for additional fully funded measures. Due to his pensioner status and the EPC rating of his property, Fred was eligible for an air source heat pump to be fitted.

Fred said:  "Since having a heat pump installed, my energy bills have gone down by 50% and the EPC rating of my home has gone from an E to a C. One of the things I found incredible about air source heat pumps is that for each unit of electricity you use, you get three units of heat in return. This has seen my energy consumption plummet.

"The application was quick and easy. It took the installers just four days to install the air source heat pump and they were incredibly professional. To anyone who's thinking about getting an aur source heat pump, it's green, it's good for the environment, it saves you money, the noise is not an issue and it's easy to use."


Photo of family standing outside a houseMr and Mrs E

Mr and Mrs E applied for external wall insulation through the Warmer Homes programme and, after a quick eligibility check, they had 60mm of insulation fitted at their home.

Mr and Mrs E said: "From the minute we first contacted the office and all the way through, the process ran very smoothly and we were surprised to have no disruptions by the work at all, we just carried on as normal. Since having the external wall insulation completed, we have felt such a huge difference in the warmth within our home."

Since having the insulation fitted, Mr and Mrs E will save in the region of £146 per year on their energy bills.

Woman, child and dog standing below heat pumpMiss H

Miss H lives with her daughter and little dog Olly in a two-bedroom semi-detached house. Her home used to always be cold with the only form of heating being an electric storage heater.

After speaking with Warmer Homes, Miss H realised that she was eligible for a fully funded air source heat pump due to the EPC rating of her property and income levels.

Miss H said: "It is honestly a dream come true. Before I heard of the programme all I had was old electric heaters. The house was always freezing. We had a running joke in my family that if you're ever hot come to my house to cool down. I had to put blankets over the bedroom windows to try and stay warm at night and I had to turn on the hot water well in advance of having a shower or doing the washing up – even then it wasn't even hot.

"Having our new air source heat pump has made the world of difference to our lives. Our installer was so professional and tidy. We barely noticed that he was there, and he was so polite. He installed the air source heat pump in just four days! The heat pump is so easy to use and we barely notice when it's on. It has helped to reduce our energy bills and has also added value to our home. I'd definitely recommend applying to the programme if you meet the eligibility criteria."

Photo of terraced houseCarole

Carole applied for a free solar panel system through the Warmer Homes programme. Due her income and the EPC rating of her property, which was very low at an E, Carole dad an 8 panel solar PV system installed on her roof entirely for free. Since the installation, her home now has an EPC rating of C, meaning she'll be able to expect much lower energy bills.

Carole said: "It was so easy to get the solar panels fitted, it only took a few hours. It has definitely been worth while having and they really do make a difference. I'm really pleased that I had it done.

"I'm surprised not more people in my road have done it. I've had people approach me asking how much it cost, so you need to look this up and do it!"


You can find out more about how to apply for the Warmer Homes programme at





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