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Trade Union Facility Time Provided by FBC 2021 / 2022

Central Function Employees


Table 1 – Relevant Union Officials

Number of employees who were relevant union officials during the relevant period Full-time equivalent employee number
15 14.37


Table 2 – Percentage of time spent on facility time

Percentage of time Number of employees
0% 10
1 - 50% 5
51 - 99% 0
100% 0


The figures in this table require some narrative due to the size of ranges.  All 5 employees in the 1 – 50% range spent less than 10% of their working time on facility time.


Table 3 – Percentage of pay bill spent on facility time

Total cost of facility time £1,211.66
Total Pay Bill £16,138,387
% of total pay bill spent on facility time 0.01%


Table 4 – Paid trade union activities

Time spent on paid trade union activities as a % of total paid facility time hours 17.8%


This table shows the % of the total facility time that the council is not obliged to make payment for.

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