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Arranging the interment of cremated remains in the Garden of Remembrance


Most of our cemeteries have a Garden of Remembrance where cremated remains can been interred. Two interments of cremated remains can take place in each plot and we permit flat commemorative tablets to mark their position. Arrangements are usually made through funeral directors but can be made directly with Fareham Borough Council, subject to payment of an administration fee.

Arrangements with funeral directors

 The interment of cremated remains is usually arranged through funeral directors at the same time of arranging the funeral or shortly after the cremation has taken place.  Most bereaved families favour this option for the following reasons:

Arrangements made directly with the Council

Interments can be arranged directly by with the Council upon completion of an interment form, supplied by the Council. Payment of the relevant fees (see table below) must be submitted to the Council at least two full working days prior to the date of the interment.

Prior to the interment, the remains must be placed in a small wooden or biodegradable casket with a name plate which can be purchased from a funeral director or online supplier. We do not allow the interment of the plastic container supplied the crematorium.

The date and time of the interment must be arranged with the Council in order that the Council's cemetery attendant can excavate and prepare the plot in advance of the interment. The attendance of a Minister on the day is a personal choice and would need to be arranged directly with the Minister.

On the day of the interment, you will be met by the Council's cemetery attendant who will request the cremation certificate upon arrival and assist families in the interment process if required. After the interment has taken place, the plot is back filled by the cemetery attendant.

Interment Times

The interment of cremated remains can be undertaken between the following times:

Monday to Thursday:  10.00am - 12.00 and 1.00pm - 3pm

Friday:   10.00am - 12.00 and 1.00pm - 2.30pm

The above dates and times are subject to availabilty.

Allocation of plots

Plots are usually allocated by the Council.

Should you have a preferred area for the position of the plot in mind (i.e. a prime position along a path), you may wish to visit the cemetery and call us to discuss your requirements. The selected fee to purchase the Exclusive Right of Burial would apply on this instance.

Commemorative tablet

For enquiries and prices about commemorative tablets, you should contact a memorial mason directly. Funeral directors can also order commemorative tablets.

A commemorative tablet can be placed immediately after the interment if such arrangements are made in advance. This is recommended as the Council does not allow temporary plot markers such as crosses and does not place any markers to identify the plot position.

Fees and charges

The following charges will apply from 1 April 2019 until 31 March 2020. You will note increased charges are applicable if the deceased was not a resident of the Borough at the time of death, exemption apply in cases of nursing homes.




Fees and Charges

Interment fee



Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial



Additional fee for Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial if area selected by family



Admin fee only for arrangements made directly with Council



Fees are payable through Funeral Directors or with a cheque payable to Fareham Borough Council when arrangements are made directly with the Council. Alternatively the council also accepts card payment.

Other information

Interment of cremated remains may also take place in existing graves. You are welcome to contact the cemeteries officer who will check records and confirm prices.

Further information in relation to bereavement advice


For further enquiries or to make an arrangement directly with the Council, please contact the cemeteries officer Tel: 01329 236100


Full copy of the cemetery regulations PDF (193 KB). They must be observed at all times.

Below is an extract from the regulations in relation to the tributes permitted in the Garden of Remembrance:

Section 10.1

  1. We respectfully request that all tributes placed in the Garden of Remembrance are not excessive, do not encroach on to adjoining plots, and do not restrict access to adjacent memorial tablets or obstruct the maintenance of the area
  2. The erection of any form of enclosure or low level fencing around the memorial tablet is not permitted nor is the planting of flowers and shrubs.
  3. The Council does not have any objections if a small plant container such as a trough is placed immediately behind the tablet.
  4. The placing of items such as lanterns, wind chimes and ornaments on hooks or spikes is not permitted in the Garden of Remembrance.
  5. Vases, jars and bottles made from glass are not permitted in the Garden of Remembrance.
  6. Other tributes of sentimental value including solar lanterns not exceeding 20cm in height can be placed in the Garden of Remembrance providing they are placed on the memorial tablet or adjacent to memorial tablets directly on or in the ground but not hung from a hook.
  7. The Council reserves the right to remove without prior notice objects, materials, plant and flower  containers which have become unsightly and plants, floral tributes and Christmas wreaths which in its opinion are considered to have died or are not in accordance with these regulations and to dispose of the same in such a manner as deemed fit.
  8. The placing of new or the replenishing of existing chippings in the Garden of Remembrance can only be undertaken by the Council.

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