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Memorial inspections

As the burial authority, Fareham Borough Council is responsible for the protection and safety of all cemetery users under the Health and Safety Act 1974. We have a programme of memorial inspections at these cemeteries and churchyards:

Open space leased by Fareham Borough Council from the church:

Closed churchyards in conservation areas and listed tombstones:

Inspections of the memorials at these sites are scheduled to take place every five years and will be carried out by a trained inspector who will assess the stability of the memorials. These will involve:

Comprehensive details about each memorial will be recorded. A digital photograph of memorials dilapidated, in disrepair and unstable will be taken as a permanent record of their condition. The memorial stability tester will not be used to test box tombs in churchyards. Any memorials failing the test will be temporarily secured or laid flat. Notices will be attached to them, explaining the emergency action and advising people to contact Fareham Borough Council. If this is not possible, dangerous structures will be cordoned or fenced off and a danger warning sign put up. We will take reasonable steps to contact memorial owners within 28 days of emergency actions being taken.

It is the responsibility of memorial owners to undertake repairs to memorials or arrange for them to be reinstated. A memorial mason registered with us must be appointed to undertake this work and a memorial application submitted to us. If you need any further information on cemeteries in Fareham, please contact customer services on 01329 236100 or e-mail

We reserve the right to remove any memorials from a grave once the period of ownership of exclusive right of burial has expired.
If you would like more information about memorials, please read our cemetery regulations  PDF (193 KB)or contact customer services on 01329 236100 or if you would like a copy sent to you.

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