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Size and erection of memorials


Lawn and non-lawn burial memorials

Maximum size not to exceed 90 cm in height by 90 cm in width by 30 cm in depth.

Memorials in the children's section should not exceed 60 cm in height by 60 cm in width by 30 cm in depth.

Flower vases less than 30 cm in height are welcome as long as they are situated at the head of the grave in a non-lawn burial area or in the memorial border, in a lawn-burial area.

Memorials of this type are not permitted in the Garden of Remembrance.

Memorial tablets are not permitted in the lawn and non-lawn areas of the cemeteries.

Garden of Remembrance

Memorial tablets not to exceed 35 cm in width by 45 cm in length and be set flush to ground level. A suitable container designed to receive cut flowers set flush to the ground may be incorporated in the tablet.

Memorial tablets may not be placed in other areas of the cemetery.


The number of the grave shall be cut in 0.187/mm letters on the bottom right corner of memorials.

Memorials in the lawn burial areas shall be erected central the memorial border.

Memorials in the non-lawn burial area shall be erected nearer than 0.08 meters to the outer boundary of the grave space at the head thereof.

It is the responsibility of the stonemason to ensure memorials are erected on the correct grave space or cremated remains plot. Plans showing the position of grave spaces can be inspected at the Civic Offices

Alternatively a location plan can be sent to the stonemason upon request.

If you would like further information on the locations of graves and memorials please contact 01329 236100 or e-mail


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