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Payment of Creditors by BACS Direct Credit

Payment of the Council's Creditors by BACS Direct Credit

All our suppliers are paid by BACS direct credit and these are the major benefits:

N.B. You still receive a remittance advice providing details of the payment being credited to your bank account, and you can receive it electronically too.

Electronic Remittance Advices for BACS Direct Credit Payments

It is possible to issue an electronic remittance at the time of making payment to you electronically. The remittance is issued by email with PDF attachment.

If you are receiving payment by BACS Direct Credit, but are not receiving your remittance electronically, please contact Exchequer Services on Tel: 01329 236100 or e-mail with your email address and we will arrange for you to receive an electronic remittance with future payments.

Other Steps You Can Take to Help Us Pay Your Invoices Promptly

Your assistance in this area will help us to be more efficient and pay your invoices on time.

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