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Abandoned Vehicles

We aim to provide the best service possible when dealing with abandoned vehicles and work within legislation.


What is an abandoned vehicle?

A vehicle is abandoned if it does not appear to be in regular use and/or is not taxed (unless on private land with the landowner or occupier's permission) or no owner can be found for it. You can find out if a vehicle is taxed by going to the DVLA website External Hyperlink.


How to report an abandoned vehicle

Fill in our abandoned vehicle report form


How do I claim a vehicle?

You will have to prove to us that you are the legal, registered keeper and that your vehicle is not abandoned. If it is in storage, you must pay any costs we have incurred. If you have abandoned a vehicle you may also be prosecuted, with a fine of up to £2,500 and up to three months in prison if you are found guilty.

What happens to unclaimed vehicles?

Wrecked, untaxed vehicles abandoned on the highway can be authorised for disposal after 24 hours. If the vehicle is in good condition, this can happen after seven days. Vehicles abandoned on all other land in the open air can be disposed of after a 15 day notice expires or sooner if the landowner/occupier confirms that the vehicle is not wanted on the land. Vehicles of a higher value will be taken into storage so that we can seek tenders for their sale and recoup some of the costs we have incurred.

How does the Council respond to a complaint of an abandoned vehicle?

Our enforcement officer will:

This information is available as a leaflet, if you would like a copy please email us on or telephone us on 01329 236100.

How to report an abandoned vehicle

Fill in our abandoned vehicle report form

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