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Abandoned Vehicle Service

Service Objectives

1.  Remove Abandoned Vehicles

We use our licensing and regulatory powers to reduce the risk of danger and to help prevent vandalism or any crime associated with abandoned vehicles.

Scope of Service

  1. The abandoned vehicle service consists of the removal and storage of abandoned vehicles on any land in the the open air without the authority of the landowner or on any other land forming part of the highway.
  2. Complaints are received from members of the public, the police, members etc.  The location is visited and a statutory notice is attached to the vehicle according to the location and the state of the vehicle.
  3. If a vehicle is deemed to be abandoned, checks are undertaken to ascertain whether the owner can be traced and endeavours are made to contact the owner.  The owner may be charged for action taken in respect of the vehicle.
  4. Depending upon the type of notice served on the vehicle and/or the progress of the ownership checks, the vehicle is removed and either stored and/or scrapped depending upon its condition.

Service Standards

We will:

For further information on any of the above please contact us via email or by telephone on 01329 236100.

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