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Housing areas

Our operations team is responsible for maintaining all grassed areas, shrubs and hedges in our housing areas and sheltered housing complexes, as well as those in the assisted gardens scheme for elderly or disabled tenants.

Housing areas and sheltered housing complexes

Grass cutting

We start cutting grass in March and stop in November each year. On general housing areas, machines are designed to mulch as much of the cuttings as possible to reduce the amount left behind. We do this approximately every two-three weeks depending on weather conditions and the rate of grass growth. If grass cuttings drift onto pavements, they will be swept or blown clear. On sheltered housing complexes, the first and last cut of each season is box mown and clippings are removed.


We cut hedges twice a year. The first starts in July and the second begins in October and is completed by December. This avoids the early spring and peak summer bird nesting season. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 makes it an offence to disturb nesting birds. The hedges are generally cut using a flail type cutter and on each face as appropriate. The tops are either cut flat or snow topped. Hedge bases are cut back and cleared at the same time.

Shrub beds

All shrub beds are pruned once a year in winter and in summer to remove overhanging vegetation from roads and paths.

Assisted Gardens scheme

We cut grass on front and back gardens using rotary cutting equipment and remove all cuttings. Any grass that drifts onto paths is swept up and removed. Gardens are cut from March through to November each year on a monthly basis. Any hedges are cut in line with our policy.

If you would like to find out if you are eligible to be added to our Assisted Garden scheme or have any other questions about Grounds Maintenance, please telephone Customer Services on 01329 236100 or email

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