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Recreation grounds

The operations team manages and maintains a variety of sports facilities and recreational sites within the Borough.


We maintain two rugby pitches, 16 football or junior football pitches, 6 mini soccer pitches and 1 9V9 pitch.  All pitches are marked in white and range in size depending on local demand for youth or adult facilities and site constraints. Subject to ground conditions, they aerated (spiked) on a monthly cycle during winter months to improve surface drainage and soil aeration. We cut grass as needed to keep pitches playable.


There are five cricket pitches within the Borough. All tables are rolled several times before the beginning of the season to create a firm surface. Squares are squared at the start of the season, all wickets are set to regulation size and all creases are marked in white. Each wicket is prepared to ensure an even no-erratic bounce of the ball throughout the wicket length. All wickets are scarified and box mowed to a height of 4mm. Wickets are rolled to an even surface where conditions allow. The outfield is cut to 25mm during the playing season and marked in white. On the first working day after play, all wickets are renovated and over seeded.

Bowling greens

We have two flat turf bowling greens in Fareham: one at Park Lane Recreation Ground and the other at Stubbington Recreation Ground. Greens are scarified regularly through the season and mowed three times each week to a height of 4mm, subject to weather conditions. All bowling green edges are trimmed back and the greens are fertilised during the season. The grass sward is monitored for fungal infections or pest and diseases and appropriate treatments carried out. All greens are renovated at the end of the season by aerating, topdressing and over-seeding.

If you would like to make a sports pitch booking or need more information about maintenance, please telephone Customer Services on 01329 236100 or email

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