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Fareham Park Fair & Voting Day

Description of our 'Fareham Park Fair & Voting Day' YouTube video External Hyperlink

The video begins with music and the title appears:

"Fareham Park fair & voting day"

People are sitting on a teacups ride. Text appears:

"Over 500 people turned out for a day of fun"

There are people on a swing ride and someone dressed as Peppa Pig is interacting with children. Some children are playing on a bouncy castle, and a group of children are dancing in a circle. A number of coloured ballot boxes are shown, with people placing votes inside them. Text appears:

"Over 300 people voted for a community project"

Adults and children are playing various games, and a face painter is painting a child's face. There are children looking at leaves and catching insects with a large net. A boy is taking part in self-defence practice and other children are enjoying a throwing game. Text appears:

"Fareham Park fair & voting day"

Video ends.


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