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Cams Hill School - Fareham Town Centres and rough sleepers

Transcript and description of our Cams Hill School - Fareham Town Centre and rough sleepers video on YouTube External Hyperlink

The video begins with music which continues throughout.

Text appears: "Fareham Town Centre Fareham's Community Safety Partnership"

A street sign showing directions in West Street, Fareham is shown. People are walking into and in front of WH Smith and Caffe Nero. Two boys begin talking to the camera:

Boy 1: "I quite like that there's quite a lot of local shops like Burger King, McDonald's and Poundland and they're pretty spread out so wherever you really come from you can always get to a shop."

Boy 2: "It's also a good place to meet with friends and family."

Boy 1: "Yeah"

Boy 2: "and just hang out"

Boy 1: "Yeah I live quite local so it's easy to access which is quite useful."

Banks are shown with people walking by and the camera then switches to an image of the TK Maxx shop.

Two girls are talking to the camera.

Girl 1: "Um, Top Shop"

Girl 2: "Yeah I like Top Shop and Nando's"

Girl 1: "And McDonald's"

Girl 2: "Yeah and it's just like really quick and easy just to go to and like come back so it's nice and like close to our houses which is good."

The entrance to Fareham shopping centre and Burger King are shown.

A boy is talking to the camera.

"I like the fact that it's cleaner than most places and you can find so many shops that you wouldn't find in many other places."

A car is driving along to road in front of banks and other shops. Pigeons are perched on top of the Tree of Life sculpture in West Street, Fareham.

Two girls are talking to the camera.

Girl 1: "I like Fareham 'cos it's got a really nice range of shops so you've got some banks, you got clothes, food so you can come here whenever you want or for whatever you want."

Girl 2: "It's nice to like hang out with mates around here 'cos there's like loads of shops and there's also like swimming pools nearby so it's cool."

Text appears: "Is everything perfect on our highstreets?"

A news article is shown, with the headline "Rough sleeper numbers in England rise for seventh year running" and the sub-heading "An estimated 4,751 people bedded down outside overnight in 2017, up 15% on previous year". The article is accompanied by a picture of tents pitched under a bridge.

Another article is shown with the headline "Three hundred and twenty thousand people are recorded as homeless in Britain - an increase of 13,000 people over the last year." The article is accompanied by a picture of a homeless person sitting on the roadside.

A still image is shown of a homeless person at the roadside. Another image shows a homeless person lying asleep in front of a building as a pedestrian walks by.

Text appears: "What do you do when you see someone living on the streets?"

Two girls are talking to the camera.

Girl 1: "Like not to be mean or anything but I like carry on walking"

Girl 2: "Oh yeah I would as well"

Girl 1: "If I gave them my money I don't like want to give them it because I don't know where my money would end up."

Girl 2: "Yeah I'd rather kind of just walk past because I don't know where my money's gonna go, if they're gonna spend it on drugs or alcohol."

An image is shown of a closed store and an underpass.

Two girls are talking to the camera.

Girl 1: "I think I think we just walk past really"

Girl 2: "And ignore them"

Girl 1: "But at the same time [laughs] 'ignore them' but at the same time we'd want to help but we wouldn't really know what was best to do so yeah"

The children who have been talking to the camera are seen walking in West Street and passing a closed shop with a 'shop to let' sign in the window.

Two boys talk to the camera.

Boy 1: "I think I would just try to ignore them really, just walk past."

Boy 2: "I always feel a bit uncomfortable as I don't know how I can help them and I never know what I should do."

Boy 1: "Yeah same."

A boarded up shop is shown, and then railings lying on an old section of road.

Text appears: "We spoke to a local charity helping homeless people get off the streets". A logo for 'Two Saints' is displayed under the text.

Two men wearing 'Two Saints' uniform are talking to the camera.

Man 1: "So we're a homeless organisation and Housing Association that work to get people off the streets, help people claim benefits, get bank accounts and basically yeah move on from living on the streets and trying not to encourage them to stay on the streets and you know move on with their lives. Yeah so we have 20 residents and then during the winter we can have ten overnight stays from Fareham and Gosport. The overnight stays is literally just to give people a bit of respite during the bad weather."

Man 2: "While living in the hostel people are supported to move on they're not there for a long time, forever, they're supported to get doctors, claim benefits, get back into employment and to move on to their own accommodation, possibly council accommodation or private rented accommodation so that that's a goal at the end of the day to move them on."

Text appears: "Should you give money directly to homeless people?"

Man 1: "If you're giving directly to someone living on the street you're kind of encouraging them and sort of making it okay for them to stay on the streets. If you're giving to charities the money's spent in the right place and in the right way to get these people off the streets and help them further to get back into living a normal life."

Man 2: "The money would be used to get people ID stuff they need to claim the proper benefits, rent deposits for private accommodation. That's what Two Saints would generally use any donations for."

A girl reads from a script to camera:

"Although we don't always know the best way to help, there are a lot of agencies such as the council and support services for the homeless working together through Fareham Street Aid. Their advice is to donate money to the charities that support the homeless such as Two Saints, One Community and Acts of Kindness. That way you know your money will be used to help provide the homeless with the help and support they need."

Text appears: "Please visit the following charities to donate and support them in their work:


Filming, direction editing: S Purslow

Production, storyboard: T Noble"


Video ends.




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