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ePetitions – technical issues

We are aware that some people may experience technical issues when attempting to sign ePetitions and, whilst we know this is an intermittent problem, we would ask that if you experience ongoing issues please contact the Democratic Services team at, who will respond to you to collect your information via email.

You will be asked to provide your full name, full postal address and confirm if you live, work or study in the Borough.

Closing dates for any live Petitions will show on the ePetitions page, and you are asked please to check the Petition is still live.


We welcome petitions and recognise that they are an important way for you to let us know about your concerns and participate in the democratic process. This page is a guide for anyone who wishes to sign or start a petition for the Council to consider. The details on this page provide a summary of the Council's Petition Scheme which forms part of our Constitution.

Petitions are administered by our Democratic Services team who can be contacted on 01329 824594 or email  We urge anyone wishing to start a petition to make contact with us so that we can provide assistance on making the most out of your petition.

Electronic Petitions

If you wish to create or sign an electronic petition, please follow this link to our ePetitions page.

Paper Petitions

If you wish to create a paper petition we have a template PDF (19 KB) that can be used. If you chose to create your own version please ensure that each page clearly states the topic for the petition and highlights that signatories must, live, work or study within the Borough.

Guidelines for submitting and signing a Petition

All petitions submitted to the Council must:

On receipt of a petition the Council will respond to the lead petitioner within 10 working days providing details of the action the Council will take in handling the petition.

What happens next?

The Democratic Services Team will log every petition on receipt. Various criteria will be investigated, including; the number of signatories, subject matter and what the Council is being asked to do, before a response is provided to the Lead Petitioner.

Even if the Council are not able to take any action, we will respond with an explanation as to why we have not been able to take the petition further.

Petitions with over 1500 signatures will trigger a debate at Council. Please be aware that some restrictions do apply and for legal reasons we may not always be able to handle a petition in this way. Our Petition Scheme outlines these restrictions in more detail and if you require any further clarification please contact our Democratic Services Team.


The Council accepts no liability for comments on its online Petition webpages.  Any views or comments expressed in Petitions do not necessarily reflect those of Fareham Borough Council.

Privacy Notice

The Fareham Borough Council Petition Scheme enables those who live, work or study in the Borough to raise a Petition.  The handling of this falls under our public task legal requirement for processing personal data.  

Petitions are received either electronically via our online ePetition scheme, or in paper form and this privacy notice outlines how we will handle your personal data,

The personal information you provide will be processed solely for the purposes of considering it as part of the Petition Scheme. 

It is usual that the Council will contact only the Lead Petitioner, however in the event we do need to contact other named individuals, your personal information may be used for this purpose.

When signing an epetition, your personal details are visible within the details of that Petition page and remain so until the close of the Petition.

If you sign a petition and later wish to have your personal details removed due to privacy reasons, a written request should be made to the Assistant Director (Democracy) at

All information, including personal data submitted, relating to a petition is retained by the Council for 6 years from the date of resolution.

Further information about the Council's handling of your personal data can be found in our privacy policy.

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