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Affordable Housing Need

Map showing locations of housing need

The Council aims to ensure that a range of property types, sizes and tenures are being provided to meet affordable housing needs and welcomes early discussion on the exact mix of affordable homes before detailed plans are formulated.  It will be expected that the final mix will reflect local need and be compliant with policy HP5 of the Fareham Local Plan. 


This policy requires a provision of 35-40% affordable housing dependant on scheme size (excluding Welborne) with a tenure mix of at least 10% Social Rent, at least 55% as Affordable Rent and at least 10% of the overall housing provision on site to be provided as Affordable Home Ownership.


The following plan shows indicative areas of demand for Social/Affordable Rent housing need extracted from the Council's Housing Register and presented as per the priority need banding.  The lower need is shown in light blue and urgent, high and medium bands grouped together in dark blue.


Affordable Housing Need - Location, Size & Tenure

The following tables show the need by area, property size and tenure. This is the starting point of understanding and addressing affordable need and modifications may be required to account for one or more of the following:


The advice of Fareham Housing should be sought on development proposals either in advance of, or alongside, the pre-application discussions with the Council's Development Management Team. This will allow Fareham Housing to advise on the mix and tenure required in order to reflect local need and be compliant with Policy HP5.








All the above data analysis of need excludes the need for sheltered accommodation. When included in the overall need sheltered represents approximately 14% of those waiting. However, these schemes are bespoke and need to be delivered in blocks/groups (often warden assisted).  Such provision is likely to be sought on particularly large housing developments as part of the affordable housing provision.

The information above will be updated on at least an annual basis.

If you need further advice or information, please email




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