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Work/life balance

We recognise that you have a life outside work so to help you achieve a work/life balance and increase the diversity of applicants for employment with us, we have a variety of flexible working arrangements including:

These are available to all employees, subject to operational requirements, and are not just for those with caring responsibilities.

New Ways of Working

We offer hybrid working opportunities for certain roles within the Council to offer a more flexible approach to retain and attract talent by enabling a better work life balance for our employees. 

Maternity support leave/paternity leave

There is a statutory right to two weeks paternity leave paid at the same rate of pay as statutory maternity pay. However, we allow the first week to be paid at full pay under our maternity support arrangements. Eligible employees are also entitled to additional paternity leave and may take up to 26 weeks additional paternity leave within the first year of their child's life provided that her/his mother has returned to work.

Special leave

A senior manager may grant special leave to an employee to cover unforeseen circumstances such as bereavement, special caring responsibilities, etc. We can provide you with more information about this scheme on request.


All employees are entitled to 52 weeks' maternity leave. Depending on your length of service and whether you intend to return to work you could be entitled to statutory maternity pay for six weeks at 90% of your pay, 12 weeks at half a week's pay followed by 21 weeks at £172.48 per week (with effect from April 2023). If you decide to take your full entitlement to maternity pay then weeks 39-52 are unpaid.

Parental leave

Unpaid leave for parents is allowed, up to a maximum of 13 weeks before your child's fifth birthday.

Adoption Leave

Adoption leave is granted to you as an employee to help you adopt a child and help settle her/him into your family.

Dependants' Leave

Dependants leave is the right to reasonable unpaid time off to take action in certain unexpected emergencies. This might include making arrangements for care when a dependant falls ill or is injured.

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