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Defibrillators in Fareham

Each year 75,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest in the UK, however chances of survival increase dramatically if someone is treated with a defibrillator quickly.

Fareham Borough Council is committed to ensuring the safety of residents and has made sure that every Council-owned Community Centre has easy access to a defibrillator.

Many of the Centres received funding from the Council for the equipment. 

Defibrillators are available in the following council owned buildings:

If you would like to find out where the nearest defibrillator is located in case of an emergency, go to External Hyperlink.

If you already own a publicly accessible defibrillator, please make sure you register it's location at The Circuit External Hyperlink, the details of which are shared with emergency services to ensure the Public can access this vital equipment when it is needed.

For charities and community groups interested in owning a publicly accessible defibrillator for the good of their community, the British Heart Foundation External Hyperlink will be releasing a funding stream in October of this year to contribute to the cost of these worthy projects.

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