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Guidance on using Drones/Unmanned Aerial Devices (UAD)

Drones are currently allowed to be flown on public land within the Borough of Fareham. Anyone wishing to fly over land owned by the Crown Estate (ie. the foreshore) should refer to the Crown Estate website External Hyperlink.

It is the responsibility of the person flying the drone to be aware of the guidance on drone use.

Registration requirements for drones

Drones and model aircraft are split into five classes. Whether or not you need a Flyer ID or an Operator ID depends on the weight and class of the drone. You can check if you need to register at the registration requirements page of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website External Hyperlink.

There is no requirement to register your drone if it is:

Categories of flying

There are three categories of flying:

The basic rules for flying in the Open Category:

It is illegal to:

Be aware:

Before you fly a drone you must:

For more information about drones and if you are planning to film using a drone please visit the Civil Aviation Authority's (CAA) rules External Hyperlink on the use of drones.

If you have privacy concerns surrounding the use of a drone, these can be reported via the Information Commissioner's Office External Hyperlink. If you feel a drone is flying too close to you or your house, this should be reported to the police via 101.

To see a map of the Fareham Borough and find out which areas are public land please see map below. 

If you wish to film using a drone please read our filming in Fareham page and fill in the form to let us know details of the filming.


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