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Cooling towers and evaporative condensers

Notification of cooling tower and evaporative condenser regulations 1992

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Over recent years several outbreaks of legionnaires' disease have been associated with wet cooling systems (cooling towers and evaporative condensers), resulting in serious cases of infection and fatalities in about 12% of cases. These outbreaks also cause considerable public concern and take up significant resources.

Poor maintenance of plant and poor compliance with health regulations to prevent or control legionellosis can create conditions in which outbreaks occur. As these wet cooling systems pose the most serious risk, the notification of cooling tower and evaporative condenser regulations were introduced in 1992. They mean that anyone in control of premises with wet cooling systems must register them with their local authority and let us know about changes, including when they stop operating.

The main purpose of this is to identify where potential sources of risk are and to make identification, monitoring and inspection easier. While we must maintain records of wet cooling systems, responsibility for enforcement of standards of assessment and control is split between the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and local authorities, depending on the main activity at the premises. If you operate an installation, please be aware that we and the HSE will visit you a number of times to ensure standards are met and we will take enforcement action if needed.

If you have any queries about premises within the Borough that have notifiable devices in operation, or you wish to let us know about new or closed plant please contact us on 01329 236100.

You can see more information on the Health and Safety Executive External Hyperlink.

For advice on this issue, please email us at or telephone us on 01329 236100.

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