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Taxi licensing

The Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Conditions 2022-2027 will be published shortly. 


We undertake licensing of hackney carriages and private hire vehicles, drivers and operators within the Borough.



There are three types of drivers - a private hire driver is a licensed driver who can drive private hire vehicles only, a hackney carriage driver is a licensed driver who can drive hackney carriage vehicles only and a dual driver is a licensed driver who can drive both types of vehicles.  Fareham Borough Council follows the Institute of Licensing's Guidance document External Hyperlink when determining the suitability of an applicant. 

New driver applications

Each new applicant driver must come to the Civic Offices to collect a Driver Pack in person.  Once the pack has been collected in person, it can be taken away and completed.  Once completed an appointment must be made in order to return the paperwork.  Please contact us on either 01329 824399 or  The driver pack will contain the following information and documents:

 Our Handbook PDF (273 KB)contains all the details you require on the stages above. 

Driver licence renewals

We will contact you about your renewal arrangements before your licence expires. Renewals involve an application and a fee. DBS checks are undertaken every three years in line with DBS guidance and medicals every five years from the ages of 45 to 65 and annually after that.

Tax Check Conditionality

The following applies for all Taxi drivers, Private Hire Drivers and Operators.

HMRC is introducing a simple tax check from 4 April 2022 that will take place when people renew their licences to drive taxis, drive and operate private hire vehicles. It will be supported by a new digital service that HMRC is developing.

This service has been created so that everyone pays the tax they should, creating a level playing field for the majority of people that comply. HMRC is working with industry bodies to make this as straightforward as possible. The check should take a few minutes every few years and confirm that someone is correctly registered for tax.

You will need to complete a tax check when you apply or renew your licence as a:

You will be able to complete this tax check on GOV.UK, through your Government Gateway account. You will only need to answer a few questions to tell HMRC how you pay any tax that may be due on income you earn from your licensed trade. If you do not already have a Government Gateway account, you can sign up on GOV.UK.

The tax check should only take a few minutes. There'll be guidance on GOV.UK and anyone who needs extra support will be able to complete the tax check by phone through HMRC's customer helpline.

When you've completed the tax check, you'll get a code. You must give this code to your licensing body. The licensing body cannot proceed with your licence application or renewal until the tax check is completed and they've received the code.

Your licensing body will only receive confirmation from HMRC that you've completed the tax check, they will not have access to information about your tax affairs.

If you've not registered to pay tax on earnings from your licensed trade, please go to GOV.UK to check if you need to register as soon as possible.


There are two types of licensed vehicle. A private hire vehicle is a vehicle that can carry passengers for hire or reward, but only by being pre-booked. It is not allowed to stand or ply for hire on the taxi ranks or in the streets of the Borough. If you are proposing to run a business for the invitation or acceptance of bookings for private hire vehicle(s) in the Borough, you must hold a private hire operator's licence that we have issued to you. A hackney carriage is a vehicle that can stand on the taxi ranks or ply for hire in the streets of the Borough.

On initial application, hackney carriage and private hire vehicles must be no older than 5 years old from the date of first registration.  Transfer vehicles must be newer than the vehicle they are replacing, as well as being under 5 years old. 

Vehicle licence applications

The application process involves production of the following:

 Our current Handbook PDF (273 KB)) PDF (630 KB) contains all the details you require on vehicle specifications and the application process.  



With a gradually easing of coronavirus restrictions underway in England, government has published updated guidance External Hyperlink for those operating transport services which is relevant to all taxi and PHV licensees and specific guidance External Hyperlink for those using taxi and private hire services.

The DfT has also published a set of taxi and private hire Q & A's External Hyperlink which includes questions around the use of PPE and protective screens.

Granting/renewing vehicle licences

Once you have got to this stage and your vehicle has been inspected (with a meter run in the case of a hackney carriage) we will be in a position to issue your licence. Vehicle licences are renewed annually, on the anniversary off issue, and paperwork will be issued at least month before so that you can do this.

Private Hire Operators

If you are proposing to run a business for the invitation or acceptance of bookings for private hire vehicle(s) in the Borough, you must hold a private hire operator's licence issued to you by us. This may be in addition to a private hire drivers licence if you are also a driver.

If you wish to apply to be a private hire operator, please contact our licensing team for an application pack. Our Handbook PDF (273 KB) contains all the details you require. 

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