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Tips to stop your dog from barking

If you own a dog you want them to be a happy and healthy member of the family. All dogs bark from time to time, but if you know that your dog barks a lot, or if a neighbour tells you that they are barking a lot, then it may be a sign that they are not happy.

Here are a few tips to help stop your dog from barking:

  1. Take your dog for a walk before you go out, allow them to sniff lots as this will stimulate their brain and will tire them out.
  2. Over a few days, try exposing them to things that make them bark, for example, the doorbell, letterbox, door knocking, ignore their barking and when they go quiet give them a treat.
  3. Don't shout at them to stop barking because they will think you are barking too and they will join in.
  4. You may find that closing windows or curtains can stop your dog seeing or hearing things that make them bark.
  5. Leaving a radio or TV on quietly could reduce barking.
  6. Don't leave your dog out in the garden alone for long periods.
  7. Try to avoid dog flaps, they give your dog instant access to lots of stimulus that they will want to bark at.
  8. Dogs may bark more if they are hungry, using dog toys that you can fill with food will give your dog something to keep them active during the day and will provide a tasty treat too.
  9. There are lots of dog walking, dog sitting services that could help care for your dog during the day; this might be particularly useful if you know you will be out for a long time, perhaps you work long hours on a certain days.


For dogs that are scared or anxious there is more detailed advice on the Dogs Trust website External Hyperlink or you may wish to have a chat with our Animal Warden.

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