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There are more than 2,000 species of flea in the world, the most common of which are the cat flea and dog flea. They are small insects which bite their host to extract blood.

How do you know if fleas are present?



Fleas are known carriers of disease and can be responsible for transmission of parasitic worms. In the UK fleas are not generally responsible for spreading infection but do inflict unpleasant bites on their host. A bite will be seen as a tiny red spot surrounded by a reddened area. It will remain irritating for one to two days and, in some cases may lead to hypersensitivity. You can reduce irritation using ointments from a chemist.



NB: There is no point treating your home unless your pet is disinfested at the same time. If you make an appointment for a pest control officer to call you should ensure any animals can be de-flead at the same time although the officer cannot treat animals.

If you would like to discuss any of this or get advice on a particular pest control problem please email us at or telephone us on 01329 236100.

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