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'Text the Council' on 07860 098627

What is 'Text the Council'?

The service will allow Fareham Borough Council to remain informed about issues that we are aiming to eliminate from Fareham. The mobile phone (SMS) texting and (MMS) multimedia messaging service allows you to send a text message while you are out and about with your mobile phone. Text the Council regarding;

How do I text?

First, save the number 07860 098627 to your phone (see your mobile phone instructions on how to do this). This is important as you never know when you will need to use it. If you notice an area needing attention, text your message to us. Please be as descriptive as possible.

Example 1 - Benches at the memorial garden in Osborne road vandalised

Example 2 - Bandstand in West Street vandalised

Example 3 - Rubbish dumped in the Titchfield children's park

Example 4 - Meters at the High street car park north entrance smashed

Example 5 - Abandoned Car at the back of a Council Property

If you would like a reply please include the word 'REPLY' to your message.

Young People

Tell us what you think about Fareham, how you think we can improve things for young people, tell us what we do well, or simply just tell us your ideas.  Please prefix your message with 'YOUTH'.

Can I send a photo from my mobile phone to 07860 098627?

Yes, if your mobile phone has the capability to send photographs, sometimes referred to as 'photo messaging' you can send them to 07860 098627. Some mobile phones are able to record and send video clips as well as photographs. These types of multimedia messages can also be sent.

How much will my text or multimedia message cost to send?

The cost of sending a text or multimedia message is dependant on the mobile phone tariff you use. (Refer to your mobile network service provider for details of charges) . The Council does not make any additional charge.

Where does my text message go?

Your text or multimedia message will go directly to Fareham's Customer Service Centre who will then inform the relevant Department of the problem.

What is SMS and MMS messaging?

Short Message Service (SMS), is a text based messaging service for mobile phones. SMS messages can be sent between mobile phones (even across phone networks), and can also be sent from the World Wide Web. The number of characters in the message is usually 128-160 characters.

With Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), you can combine photographs, images, video clips, text and sound in a single message. The number of characters in a text message is usually 500 characters. Like SMS messages, MMS messages can also be sent between mobile phones and from the World Wide Web. To use these facilities on your mobile phone, it must be MMS compatible and your mobile network service provider needs to provide the service. Contact your mobile network service provider for further details on sending MMS messages.

MMS messaging is sometimes referred to as 'photo messaging', 'picture messaging', 'media messaging' and 'picture and video messaging'.

What if I don't have a mobile phone?

You can call us on 01329 236100, write, e-mail, fax or come in to the Civic Offices. Full details of all our contact details are available on the contact us page.

Any more questions about 'Text the Council' service?

For more information please contact the Customer Service Centre on Tel: 01329 236100, or e-mail or send a text message to 07860 098627.

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