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Paper Banks Removed from the Borough

In May 2015, almost all paper banks in the borough were removed, due to a vast increase in the cost of this service. For 2015/16 the increase was more than ten-fold.

This has co-incided with an increase in the amount of waste being collected through blue-top bins, and a decrease in material being recycled through the paper banks. There has also been a decrease in newsprint production, which is a large part of the market for recycled paper.

Paper can be recycled through blue-top bins UNLESS it is shredded in which case it needs to be disposed of with general waste. Shredded paper cannot be put in your home recycling bin because it gets caught in machinery at the sorting plant, jams it up and causes a fire risk. Soiled paper such as greasy fish and chip paper cannot be recycled.

The paper banks at Sainsburys Store, Broadcut, and Locks Heath District Centre are not part of the Council service, and are not currently affected by this change.

All other recycling facilities remain unchanged.

For more information, please email or call us on 01329 236100.

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