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Hazardous Household Waste

What is hazardous household waste?

Hazardous household waste is any material thrown away by a household which puts human health or the environment at risk due to its chemical or biological nature. 

What hazardous products might I have at home?

Some examples that you might have at home are:

Household products: including white spirit, paint brush cleaners, hazardous paint products (those with orange and black hazard symbols), descalers, stain removers, drain cleaners, any household batteries, fluorescent light tubes and compact fluorescent lamps, glues, photographic chemicals, oven cleaners, swimming pool cleaners and camping (lpg) gas bottles.

Garden products: including pesticides, insecticides, lawn treatments, fungicides, weed killers and wood preservatives.

Car maintenance products: including antifreeze, brake fluid, lubricants and degreasers.

How should I handle hazardous household waste?

How do I dispose of hazardous household waste?

HWRCs have to be licensed to accept hazardous waste. The nearest to Fareham are Segensworth, and Port Solent. Details of others in Hampshire are available External Hyperlink.

At the HWRC all items are stored in dedicated, lockable containers and are then taken away for safe disposal or, in some cases, to be recycled. On arrival at the HWRC you should contact a member of site staff who will direct you to the appropriate container and unlock it, so that the waste can be safely stored inside. Never leave any hazardous waste unattended.

Which types of hazardous waste are not accepted, and what should I do with them?

Where can I get more information?

Please visit External Hyperlink or email

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