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Interconnector Project (IFA2)

What is IFA2?

IFA2 Planning Application

CAT Meetings

Issues raised by residents

How can I find out more?

National Grid is planning a major new energy infrastructure project, known as IFA2 (Interconnexion France-Angleterre 2), linking the United Kingdom's electricity transmission network to France.  The link will help enhance the security, affordability and sustainability of energy supply to both countries

What is IFA2?

IFA2 will be an electricity interconnector. This is a connection between the electricity transmission systems of different countries. The Interconnector will be capable of exchanging 1,000MW of power between Britain and France, enough to run around over 1,000,000 homes.

How does IFA2 work?

The interconnector is made up of undersea cables running for more than 100 miles between the two countries which would connect at either end to a converter station.

The Convertor

The converter station in Fareham is proposed to be based at Daedalus in Stubbington. The map below shows the approximate underground cable route and approximate site area for the convertor station.

Possible option for National Grid development (Daedalus)


The converter station would convert the forms of direct current electricity (DC) that can be used for transmission between the countries into alternating current (AC) electricity used domestically in Britain and France. You can see a possible design option for the proposed convertor in the two images below.

Illustrative option of South East ViewIllustrative option of North East View

Connecting to the National Grid

Once the electrical current has been converted, Interconnectors then have to link to the national electricity grid. The interconnector would link to the electricity network at a replacement substation building at the existing National Grid site near Chilling, Warsash.  You can see a map showing the possible option for the National Grid development at Chilling below.

Possible option for National Grid development (Chilling)

There will be a need for undersea cables to run from Daedalus to Chilling to connect the two sites rather than running the cables over or under the land.

IFA2 Planning Application

A planning application from National Grid has been submitted in respect of their planned energy infrastructure project, IFA2.

If you wish to view and comment on the application you can do so by visiting the application page, (reference number P/16/0557/OA). Alternatively you can visit the Civic Offices between 8.45am and 5.15pm Monday to Friday and ask to view the application. The closing date for comments is 30 June.

As part of the process, National Grid has published a report comprising a main report PDF (2 MB), wind flow analysis PDF (2 MB)and hazard log PDF (591 KB),  looking at how the proposals for the IFA2 electricity interconnector would operate alongside the Solent Airport at Daedalus, near Fareham in Hampshire.

The report concludes that the IFA2 proposals would not be expected to have an adverse effect on existing operation of Solent Airport and that the plans for a converter station and cables would be in accordance with aerodrome safeguarding criteria.   The recommendations contained within the report will be used to inform the detailed design of the interconnector proposals, subject to planning permission being granted.

Independent consultants Arcadis, who conducted the assessment, were appointed by National Grid in conjunction with landowner Fareham Borough Council and airfield operator Regional & City Airports in July 2016 following a competitive procurement process.

The main purpose of the report is to provide assurance to National Grid, the land owner and airfield operator that the interconnector can safely co-exist with existing airfield operations. This is a pre-condition of Fareham Borough Council and National Grid entering into land agreements for the development. Further assessments will be undertaken to consider the future development possibilities at Solent Airport in accordance with the Council's adopted Vision for Daedalus.

The report was prepared in October 2016 and has since been reviewed by landowner Fareham Borough Council and Regional & City Airports to ensure their satisfaction.

The report has also been provided to Fareham Borough Council as local planning authority to consider as evidence in support of the planning application for the IFA2 interconnector proposals. It is just one of a number of assessments commissioned by National Grid and provided as evidence to Fareham Borough Council to support the planning application.

As the local planning authority, Fareham Borough Council has commissioned its own reports to review the work undertaken by National Grid.

CAT Meetings

A CAT meeting to discuss the application took place on Monday 23 May at Holy Rood Church, Stubbington.  The notes and presentation from the meeting are below: 

Holy Rood Church Notes [PDF] PDF (196 KB)
Presentation [PDF] PDF (3 MB)

There will be a short update on IFA2 at one of the summer CAT meetings on Tuesday 28 June at Holy Rood Church, Stubbington.

Issues of interest raised by residents

From comments received online and at the recent CAT meeting, there are some particular areas which people would like more detail on.  The following information has been provided by National Grid on possible noise levels and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). The Council is independently reviewing the information provided.

Noise Levels

Both national and local planning policies state that noise levels from a development should not have a significant impact on surrounding homes, businesses and land.  National Grid has conducted a number of assessments to calculate the potential noise and vibration effects during the construction and operation at the sites, in the areas surrounding the proposed underground cable routes and Converter Station.

Daedalus Landfall and laying of underground cables  

Chilling landfall and cables

Converter Station

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

How can I find out more?

You can look at the dedicated IFA2 website External Hyperlink which explains gives more information about the project.  National Grid have also put together exhibition boards PDF (11 MB) that give a good overview of the project.



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